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The 10 Decor Ideas You Can Realize Using Artificial Pine Branches

Artificial Pine Branches

Festive times call for festive measures, but how about getting a greener vibe all through the year? Artificial plants are at your rescue. The trend to use more green accessories in a minimal setting is something the world has picked up with the concept of “less is more” in a minimalist approach to home decor.

Keeping up with the trend, multiple ideas can rejuvenate your old setting within minutes. Let’s take a look!

1. Get Yourself an Evergreen Centerpiece with Artificial Pine Branches

Centerpieces aren’t just meant to wow your guests at Christmas dinner, there’s more to them! Get a bunch of artificial pine branches with pine cones and tie them up for a rustic looking centerpiece.

Add a candle to the arrangement and you have a customized green accessory that keeps looking fresh all day long. To make the centerpiece appropriate for festivities you can add a few fake berries in red or a red candle during Christmas.

2. Personalize Your Gifts for a Warm Touch

Gifts are not just for festivities. You can make your wedding gift look elegant with artificial pine sprigs too. Attach the sprig with transparent glue to the inside of the folded gift card in the gift box to personalize the message card.

Alternatively, you can add a simple branch tied with a bow to the message card inside the gift box to add a chic look.

3. Make Your Own Garland with Artificial Pine Branches

Okay, if you add too many ornaments to your garland it may look extremely festive, but here’s a different approach for using the garland all year long. Firstly tie up the faux branches for a flexible garland. Now, hand the garland along the headboard in your bedroom.

Add a line of fairy lights to it, and voila; you have your grand night time décor for your bedroom.

4. Your Own Hanging Basket of Greens

    Many people tend to go overboard with the idea of a minimalist green vibe. The right way to do it is to find the balance. Get a few hanging baskets; it will probably cost you $10-$15 each. Now fill it up with artificial pine branches and add a small electric candle to it.

    You can hang this arrangement on the porch, balcony or a special relaxation area at home. This would go very well with a yoga space too.

    5. Get Yourself an Embroidered Hoop with Artificial Pine Branches

    Get a quote based wall hanging or a simple message in a photo frame, size can vary depending on the length of chosen pine branch decorations. Now get a ribbon in a neutral color or a slightly opaque see-through ribbon. Tie up the branches along the length of the frame and glue the arrangement onto the frame for a firm attachment.

    Now hang it up on the wall or use it as a bookshelf décor. This goes nicely if you get a chalky message on a blackboard type photo.

    6. Make a Cool Door Swag

    Door swags can cost you quite a lot depending on the decoration they have on them. Get artificial pine tree branches for sale from wholesale places and you can easily make a cool door swag out of it. Tie up a few branches with coir rope and cover up the rope with a neutral-colored ribbon.

    You can also add lightweight artificial pine cones if you prefer. Hang it on the door and add a welcome message wooden plaque to it. This is more of a holiday décor idea, but you can use the same on the guestroom or guest washroom door for a warm vibe.

    7. Personalized Housewarming Present

    If your friends are moving into a new house, you can now give them a cool and romantic housewarming present made out of pine branches. Make a kissing ball that works like the same concept of mistletoe. First, make a wreath-like arrangement and tie them up with a firm metal wire. Now with the same diameter work your way through a couple of these.

    Arrange them in a 3D ball formation and tie them up. You can fill up the hollow space inside with fairy lights. You can hang this anywhere inside the premises. It will be a gentle reminder of love every time your friends spot it in the room.

    8. Don’t Forget the Mantle

    Mantle décor is not just about filling the top space up with a bundle of greens. That just looks clumsy. If you are going for a minimalist look that is both elegant, festive but at the same time is also re-usable at other times during the year, here’s a tip for you.

    Try tying up a few different artificial pine branches and set them at the foot of small message boards placed on mantle tops. This would give a very rustic yet welcoming vibe every time you step into the living room.

    9. Make Yourself a Fruity-Evergreen Vase

    Want to add a bit more color to your accessories? Follow this tip. Get a big fat glass jar. Arrange fake red berries at the bottom; add a layer of fake orange on top of the berry layer. Now add your faux pine branches.

    You can add an electric candle in the middle and there you have your very own night light-up vase. You can take the candle out and place it on a corner table or shelf.

    10. Light Up a Table Runner with Artificial Pine Branches

      Table runners never go out of style. With a very minimalist approach, you can get your artificial yet realistic pine branches look grand on the dinner table. Take some of the branches to tie them up in two lines and keep filling the middle with a similar arrangement.

      Now cover up the tied parts with fairy lights and there you have it; your very own evergreen table runner.

      There’s so much you can do with simple strands of pine branches to get a unique personalized décor. It is preferable to use artificial plants over realistic ones because they last for long and you don’t have to tend to them or replace them as quickly as you do with a fresh real batch.

      Get creative this new year with evergreens for a natural vibe at home.