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Did You Try These 11 Artificial Bonsai Based Décor Ideas? Do it Now!

11 Artificial Bonsai Based Décor Ideas

A walk through the woods, greenery, and subtle aroma of a bloom. Irrespective of cultures, we have always loved the charm of the outdoors. It has been the inspiration for art and culture – several festivals around the world revolve around the bounty of nature and living in harmony.

At some point in our ancient history, our ancestors realized that one cannot always be present with nature. Thus, began the quest for bringing the outdoors in and eventually the concept of beautiful Bonsai, which has now transcended into artificial bonsai plants.

Bonsai culture and Japanese aesthetics are considered synonymous. While artificial Bonsai trees blend in well with minimalism and modernism, be wary that several décor ideas will revolve around the concepts of Feng Shui, Zen and Japanese themes of Ikigai and Wabi Sabi. Also, remember that a Bonsai can never be sidelined – the magnificence of the art form demands it to as a centerpiece.

Types of Bonsai

Before we dive into the world of artificial Bonsai décor, let’s understand the types of Bonsai plants and their artificial replicas available in the market:

  • Broom Style – Suitable for deciduous trees, this style has a spread-out foliage with a network of infinite tapering branches.
  • Formal Upright – This is the commonest form of tapering Bonsai that is allowed to grow with ample light and no competition for nutrients.
  • Informal Upright – Also a form occurring naturally, informal upright trees have their own unique shape.
  • Slanting Style – This type mimics the trees that get a slanting structure due to being on the windward side or to reach out towards sunlight.
  • Cascading – Emulating a waterfall, this style is one of the most aesthetically pleasing that makes an S-shaped trunk.
  • Semi Cascade – A sight curved S shape is the highlight of this style. It is topped by a few leaves, with the trunk bare.
  • Literati Bonsai Style – This style represents trees that grow around a lot of other trees. Crooked in formation, the half the trunk is removed to carve a shape. Such styles are ideal for round pots.
  • Double Trunk/ Multiple Trunk – The double trunk style is made up of one trunk thick and the other is weaker, with a single canopy. On the other hand, multiple trunk has a thick lower trunk with outward growing several trunks with separate canopies.

Other than these, there are styles that mimic growth on rocks, have cracked trunks, are barkless, or raft style rare forms.

Bonsai Decor Ideas

Since most of the above-mentioned formations are very intricate to cultivate and maintain, go for an artificial Bonsai plant that looks and feels real. Get artificial Bonsai trees wholesale for decorating multiple locations to recreate a royal ambiance. Read on the ideas our team has curated for you, instead of growing your own Bonsai tree:

1. Terrarium

Layer up a terrarium with an artificial Bonsai plant to bring in a mini garden at your home or office desk. Easy to maintain and grow, you can learn to make on your own or get a terrarium kit and place the plant as the center of attention.

In addition, an artificial Bonsai will not compete with the other plants in your terrarium ecosystem. So, you can get a wide range of plants that would not have otherwise survived with a real Bonsai.

2. Zen Garden

Make your own Zen garden with elements of the yin and yang. Create stunning low-maintenance landscapes for your interior garden or backyard with artificial Bonsai plants placed strategically.

3. Highlight of Your Décor

As the centerpiece of your dining table, kitchen, or quiet corners, place an artificial plant when you need a representation of peace and harmony.

4. Koi Pond (Nishikigoi) Accessory

Koi ponds and Bonsai plants are a match made in heaven. While it gets tricky to cultivate a real Bonsai plant next to a pond, artificial ones are a perfect accessory to balance the chi.

5. Washroom Accent

A surprising accent for bathroom décor, placing artificial plants and trees indoors will never go out of style. Get a cascading Bonsai plant to complement the water elements of your bathroom décor.

6. Bookshelf

Accentuate your bookshelf with artificial Bonsai plants for an understated elegant look. What’s more, you do not risk your books with the moisture a real Bonsai plant attracts.

7. Stone appreciation (Suiseki)

Bonsai and stone architecture go hand in hand. Set up a stone structure and make your artificial Bonsai tree the highlight.

8. Flower Arrangement (Ikebana)

Get an artificial floral Bonsai plant to lend your indoors that perfect Spring look. An evergreen artificial Bonsai plant can also be used as an accessory to your floral plants in the garden.

9. Accentuate Companion Plants

Mix and match an artificial Bonsai with your existing garden or potted plants. Place one at the base and make a miniature landscape for that added charm.

10. Wall-Mounted Display

Display artificial Bonsai plants in a wall-mounted display of your choice. Easy to maintain, you don’t have to worry about watering or moisture while lending greenery to the corners of your home.

11. Staircase

Get creative and make a miniature staircase-like display for your garden or place artificial Bonsai on your staircase for that cascading greenery look.

Bonsai is a culture. However, maintaining a real one is not hassle-free. Imbibe greenery in your household or workspace with the new-age artificial Bonsai plants that let you experiment with décor hassle-free. Thus, you get the best of both worlds – greenery, style, and beauty!