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Palm Trees and The Joy of Creating a Laid-Back Home

Palm Trees and The Joy of Creating a Laid-Back Home

Show us a more sculptural, calming, exquisite tree variety than Palm. They’re a picture of warmth an epitome of refreshing. Some might even go on to say that palm trees are some of the most attractive objects in the natural world and absolute essentials for any home décor. Whether you’re looking to bring a soothing vibe to your room or want to create a laid-back home, want to bring a sense of fantasy to your design scheme or simply want to make your space more elegant and breezy, palm trees are your gateway. With more than 2,600 species of palm around, you’ll definitely find one (or many) that perfectly suits your style and our interior design.

The incredible trunk, the gracefully-arching fronds, and the sharp lines of Palm trees make them perfectly suited for modern homes and almost every design style. And the best part about having them in your interior space? The irresistible tropical feel that brings to the setting. Palm trees instantly take us on a tropical vacation and no matter where you introduce them in your home you can be assured of a calm ambiance. They’re simply mesmerizing elements that are known to create the mood of a laid-back beach home and bring the ultimate relaxing vibe to space. This is an incredibly appealing prospect since we can’t take summer vacations right now and also helps us in escaping the daily drudgery of our lives.

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There are many elements and materials that go into creating a carefree, restorative retreat but nothing plays a more important part in it than the iconic Palm. From the hallway to the living room, patio to even the kitchen, Palm trees go well almost anywhere. If you’re looking for an incredibly decorative and statuesque option, then opt for Kentia Palm. Featuring long, arched leaves, Kentia Palm trees are known for their high ornamental value and low maintenance. You only need to need to water them occasionally since they’re quite accustomed to drought.

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Kentia Palm takes up a lot of space and if you don’t have that kind of real estate available, then opt for Phoenix or Dwarf Palm trees. With their showy, refreshing leaves and compact size, these trees are perfectly suited to smaller rooms. If you’re looking for completely maintenance-free Palm options, then opt for artificial Palm trees and plants. From Areca Palm to Coconut Palm, Fishtail Palm to Date Palm, Sago Palm to Kentia Palm, there are thousands of sizes to choose from. These faux Palm trees will bring a beautiful, positively sculptural effect to the setting along with elegant wilderness and a sense of fantasy and sophistication.

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Artworks too go a long way in channeling the easy, breezy mood in the interior design. Introducing a large photo, painting, or art print that makes use of earthy tones and feature soil, rock, plants, water bodies, etc are known to bring comfort and a sense of ease in the setting. Colors play a very important role in the ambiance and mood of the room. A light and airy palette with breezy white curtains, lighter tones around will help make your space more open and laid-back. If you’re looking for wallpapers with a tropical touch, then you can easily find palm-patterned wallpapers that will bring a touch of elegance and fun to the setting.

A great way to bring some soothing appeal to the décor is through the introduction of flowers. You could either opt for fresh flowers or artificial flower arrangements to add a touch of tranquility and appeal to the setting. Also, include fun seating arrangements such as an armchair, hanging chair, etc, and a pouf to put your feet up and relax. Finally, bring a hammock into the scene. There is nothing that speaks of relaxation and chill vibes than a hammock. Either put it up in your backyard, porch, or any space where you can unwind.

A carefree, worry-free home design is the need of the hour. And Palm trees in any form or size will take you halfway towards creating such a space. From bringing a touch of romance to calm, cool vibes, these elements can do it all and form a lovely part in any interior project.