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The Era of #Plantstagram

The Era of #Plantstagram

A few days back we received a query inquiring whether we have, “one of those plants with slits, the one which is all over Instagram.” If you haven’t logged on to your Instagram in the last one year or you avoid it completely, you might have missed it too. Split leaf Philodendron are all the craze on the platform along with other plants such as Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plants and Fiddle Leaf Figs. #Plantstagram has put a spotlight on indoor plants like never before. In fact, if it's not on Instagram, it does not exist. Welcome to the era of #Plantstagram where you will find real and faux plants surrounded by chic coffee tables, exquisite views, plush seating arrangement, neon signs, and more. This is the new era of interior design.

Houseplants have always been a part of our homes and our lives for centuries now. In fact, houseplants were considered a sign of wealth in ancient China. And the less we talk about the love for plants and topiaries, when it comes to Victorians, the better. Nature themes have always dominated human society and our culture since olden times. We can see it in the form of bonsai in Japanese homes, garden courtyards of Alhambra in Spain, cottage gardens of medieval Germany, hanging gardens of Babylon, and porcelain fishbowls in ancient China. And the modern era or the #Plantstagram era takes this theme forward in a new spectrum, a digital one.

tropical house plants

The #Plantstagram era or the modern houseplant obsession can be credited to millennials. From big-green indoor potted tropical trees to small indoor plants hanging around, bright flower-centerpieces on coffee tables to big palm trees in the corners, you can see plants and trees in indoor spaces in all forms and varieties. With close to 2 million posts, this aesthetically driven tag serves as an immediate creative inspiration for anyone looking to welcome some houseplant in their home. If you follow the hashtag, you’ll at once believe that the popularity of tropical plants has surged in the past few years or so. And not just any tropical plants, exotic ones. These are incredibly statement-making, lovely plants that seem to be built for the ‘gram’.

 tall house plants decor

There has been some criticism of Instagram and the practice of carefully curated timelines that you come across on the platform. Experts say that the platform which shows only the best version of everyone’s lives tends to inspire feelings of envy, crushing need of approval, and a feeling of exhaustion in order to maintain the ‘positive or glamorous’ facade. But #Plantstagram is different. It is real. And it inspires people to bring more greenery in their homes and in their lives. More than creating a facade, the hashtag propagates well-being and happiness and nudges people to get involved in re-energizing their space.

 monstera decor

Unlike other hashtags and trends, #Planstagram does not speed up the consumption of design. It was cool sharing pictures of Split-leaf Philodendrons some years back and it is still in vogue. It is one of the few trends that has stood the test of time and affordability, instead inculcates peace and harmony. Unlike others, Plant Instagram is not contributing to the hyperactive cycle of taste. And even if it seldom overexposes you to newer varieties and design trends, it is still better than other interior décor trends. While other design trends might expose you to increased consumer habits and eat into your budget, #Plantstagram comparatively is extremely humble and modest.

People like exotic plants. People like things they see on Instagram. And this hashtag serves a delight every time you search for it. Your room needs more height? Or does it need more of a sculptural feel? Or is it in need of a lovely, eye-catching centerpiece? You can always rely on #Plantstagram to give you ideas and creative inspiration. More than anything, #Plantstagram has changed the way our interior designs look and feel. Our living rooms will never be the same.