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5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy and Happy During This Uncertainty

5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy and Happy During This Uncertainty

These are stressful times. Unprecedented circumstances that have not been witnessed by modern society. As most of us are spending more time indoors trying to be safe, it is important that our homes become a source of calm and serenity. While the world around is venturing into uncharted territory, it is crucial that we surround ourselves with elements that bring tranquility and peace. And you don’t have to break the bank to create a cozy, positive indoor environment. You can rely on small changes throughout your home to turn your home into a tranquil haven that will soothe you as the new world order continues to throw anxious moments. 

  • Build an indoor garden – Studies have shown that plants help in creating a positive interior environment that is instrumental to our mental well-being, physical health, and healing. Introducing plants in interior spaces bring great comfort, satisfaction, and an overall sense of well-being and happiness. In these times of uncertainty, rooms filled with greenery will give you a calm, refreshing space. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that have a black thumb, then opt for plants that can flourish under neglect such as succulents, palm varieties, etc. And if you’re looking for a completely maintenance-free approach, then opt for faux plants that will bring great color, depth, and drama to the setting and will go a long way in creating a clean, attractive space. 

    indoor garden


    • Bring some Candles – From the pleasing scent to the warm glow, there is something about candles that screams cozy. Candles are incredible accessories that bring warmth to the atmosphere and creates a stress-free ambiance. If you can stretch your budget a little, then we highly recommend you invest in a charming candle-holder that will not only house your candles safely but add style and appeal to the display.

    candle holder for decor


    • Complete that DIY Project – Since most of us are working from home, surely we could find some little time and complete that DIY project that’s been kept on hold since long. This is not just a great way to occupy yourself but create something exciting for your home. Either a small painting job somewhere in the home or a knitting project will help relieve anxiety and will give you some satisfaction. Another exciting DIY project you could opt for is creating a moss artwork. All you need is a frame, preserved moss, dried accessories from the backyard, some glue and you’re all set. The final art work will conjure unmatched feeling of calm, mystery and nurture in your design.

    diy decor with fake plants


    • Florals equal happiness – Florals in any form, shape or size are embodiment of cheer and bring a happy vibe to any room. You can bring floral prints in your home in the form of cushions, rugs, curtains and other soft furnishing that will bring a riot of colors and a cheerful look to the interior design. You could also invest in some artificial flower arrangements that you can place in your workspace, dining table, coffee table, side table, shelves or any other space that need uplifting. Modern faux flowers are incredibly realistic and attractive and will give you an elegant, graceful display. If you’re going for a cozy aesthetic, then opt for browns, oranges, yellow, maroons and beige hued flowers whereas if you want to bring a happy feel then go with bright hues such as red, blue, pink and others.
    • Soft Ambiance – Two things will help you create a soft and comforting ambiance in your home – mood lighting and soft music. Bring home some light bulbs if you don’t have them already, switch on those lamps and watch the ambiance turn softer, warmer and calmer. Take it a notch up with the help of soft background music that will add more serenity to the space. This sort of atmosphere will help relieve stress and help you concentrate better if you’re working on something. 

    You could either stress out with all the worries of what’s going around or you could take this time to truly rest and recover. If there’s ever been a time to indulge in some self-care and transform your home into a soothing, cozy and beautiful sanctuary, it is now.