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5 Absolutely Gorgeous Faux Plants That Will Style Up Your Lifeless Decor

5 Absolutely Gorgeous Faux Plants That Will Style Up Your Lifeless Decor

Faux plants have tremendous design value and add beauty and refreshing pop of color to any interior design. They do not have the ability to purify air like their real counterparts, but they enhance the look and feel of any room they’re in. Your home décor is lacking vibrant color and style? Or does your room boast of dead, awkward space? Introduce some artificial plants and you’re good to go. They will transform your space and make it enjoyable and dramatic in no time. Whether you’re redecorating your space or creating one from scratch, don’t forget to include some of these decorative accents. They will go a long way in adding sculptural beauty and elegance to the space without requiring any sort of heavy upkeep. 

With thousands of options available, where do you start? Well, Snake plants and Palms are some of the most popular ones. So, if you want to ride the wave, these are the usual suspects. If you’re looking for something more unique and dramatic, then check out these five brilliant faux plants that will style up your lifeless rooms in no time. 

  • Dieffenbachia and Ivy Plant – In this offering, we have combined the two most gorgeous plants into one singe package that will bring loads of visual appeal to your design scheme. At the top, you’ll find large, pointed and ovate leaves of Dieffenbachia combining green, cream and white colors elegantly whereas at the bottom the shapely Ivy leaves bring a touch of cool and interest to the package. Faux plants that are will bring a timeless appeal to any setting, these faux Dieffenbachia and Ivy Plants will turn any dull, tired space into a restorative retreat.

    Dieffenbachia and Ivy Plant
    • Cypress Grass Tree – If you’re looking for a plant that will bring an exotic, rejuvenating tropical vibe to your décor, then this artificial Cypress Grass Tree is for you. Also known as King Tut plant, the minimal look and large heads of pendulous leaves make it one of the most dramatic plants to have around. A highly ornamental tree that will bring grace and humor to the setting, these faux Cypress Grass Trees make for a highly captivating addition to any room. 


    Cypress Grass Tree


    • Fiddle Leaf Plant – A highly interesting plant that is you’ve mostly likely seen on Instagram or glossy décor magazines, Fiddle Leaf Fig plants make for an exquisite addition to any space. Featuring iconic, fiddle-like, shiny leaves and dainty veins which gives it the name, these artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig plants will bring great style to any room. Known for its graceful silhouette and soothing appeal, Fiddle Leaf plants will spark up any space in an instant. 


    Fiddle Leaf Plant


    • Agave Attenuata Plant – Also known as Century Plant, Agave Attenuata Plants are noted for their highly attractive leaves and detailed base. With spineless, ovate, vibrant green leaves forming a large symmetrical rosette, this artificial Agave Attenuata Plant will bring such flair and intrigue to any room. Decorative elements that will make a big impact in any interior design, these faux Agave Attenuata Plants will give you a timeless home décor with a real staying power. 


    Agave Attenuata Plant


    • Bird of Paradise PlantAlthough it is quite common to spot Bird of Paradise plants in any home décor, it is a classic and we couldn’t leave it from the list. Large, upright plants with tropical flair and chic appeal, this artificial Bird of Paradise plant will give you a highly enjoyable space. The glossy, banana-shaped leaves fanned out and rich green color bringing a cool appeal to the room, you just cannot go wrong with this faux Bird of Paradise Plant. 


    Bird of Paradise Plant

    No heavy maintenance, pure joy; that’s what artificial plants are all about. And these 5 faux plants offer an easy and budget-friendly way to personalize your space in an instant. You can count on them to perk up your space now and season after season without any upkeep.