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Indoor Greenery Tips From Designers

Indoor Greenery Tips From Designers

The greenery of all shapes and sizes make a big impact in any interior design style. Faux or real, they can brighten a room and bring so much flair and drama in the setting. Walk into a room featuring some plants and you’ll instantly feel calmer and happier. Apart from adding a finishing touch and bringing an inviting vibe to the home, greenery affects a room’s design in a big way. From boosting unused or awkwardly shaped spaces to introducing a vibrant pop of color to monochromatic or dull spaces to directing traffic and softening space, faux and real plants bring great value to the design scheme. So, how do you actually go on about designing with plants? And with so many options available, which one is right for which room and design style?

The designing team at SPD was kind enough to give us a few tips to use greenery indoors and how to incorporate them in various rooms. Read on for their advice.

Plant Profile and Placement

Plant profile is basically what conditions are best suited for its growth and how it grows. If the greenery, you plan to bring in or already have in your home, requires more sun, then obviously the best position for it is near the windows or any area of the home that gets maximum sunlight. If the plant can grow without much exposure to sunlight, then you can keep it in darker areas for a long. 

Also, smaller plants are better suited for display on shelves or desks where they will get noticed easily and larger-sized plants and trees are ideal for empty corners or areas where you want to raise the visual height. 

Use Repetition

Repetition of the same plants, same vases, similar varieties, etc, allows you to establish a theme. For instance, if you have a big dining table, then opt for same flowers in same vases spread along the length which will help you achieve a cohesive look. Same goes for shelves. Arrange the same number of plants on each level and group them on the basis of plant type, container, etc. 

Plants as Sculptures

Plants and trees have an undeniable sculptural value and are akin to art pieces in any interior design. Palm trees, Fern plants, Fiddle-leaf Figs, Philodendrons, Snake plants all have amazing forms and shapes and look like a sculpture or art. While big plants and trees have high sculptural aesthetics smaller plants are great as vignettes.

Use Plant Heights Effectively

The best part about trees or large plants is that they visually raise the ceiling in the room they’re placed in. If you’re looking for trees and plants with scale, then you need to consider if you can give them the space to rise. It does not make sense to include a palm tree in your living room which will grow upto 8 feet when your ceiling is only 6 feet high. Also, you need to understand the growth habit and light requirements of the greenery and whether those requirements will be fulfilled in the space where you’re planning to keep them. Every plant has different requirements and not all of them will flourish in any location of your home. 

Go Vertical

If you want less ground space to be occupied and still need a healthy dose of greenery in your design scheme, then a vertical garden is one option. And it’s really not that difficult. All you need is a metal trellis attached to the wall that can support hanging potted plants or that can provide a climbing space for indoor vines.

If trellis does not sound appealing to you, then the next option is living walls. Green walls make for a soothing addition to any indoor space and is like a cool, calm piece of art. You could either opt for a real living wall or a faux one. No matter which one you go with, living walls make for a striking addition to any space. 

Plants and Design Styles

With thousands of real and faux greenery options available, it is easy to get distracted and opt for colorful and attractive options that might not even blend in with your home design style. For instance, if you have a minimal design style, then big, showy flower plants such as Hydrangeas will be completely out of place. If you’re a fan of clean lines and a breezy, serene palette, then Palm trees and plants will make more sense for your space. So, pair greenery according to the aesthetics of the room. The right plant in the right place and design style can make all the difference. 

Plants in Kitchens

From living rooms to bedrooms to hallways, we plan and introduce plants in every space. But for some reason, many homeowners neglect kitchens and do not add greenery to it. The kitchen makes a wonderful space for plants and offers a budget-friendly way to personalize it. Moreover, greenery in the kitchen goes a long way in softening the space, counterbalancing the hard surfaces all around. Small plants on the counter, some flowers on the table, artificial fruit trees in the corner, and fresh herb plants work beautifully in the kitchen. Any room, any space is great for plants. 

Sprinkle Greenery all around

Humans share an instinctive bond with nature and natural surroundings.  And greenery is a big part of this penchant towards nature. Plants in every space, every room help in creating a positive interior environment and are instrumental to our well-being. They bring so much color, depth, and energy to any space they’re in. Ensuring greenery in all rooms will make your home a highly attractive and happy haven. If you aren’t blessed with a green thumb, then opt for low-maintenance plants such as succulents or go for faux plants that will bring all the color and flair of real plants without you paying attention to them.