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How to Use Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers in Your Home Interiors

How to Use Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers in Your Home Interiors

If you think that artificial plants, trees, and flowers are best suited for those with a black thumb, think again. Modern faux plants, trees, and flowers boast intricate details and realistic color making them excellent design options for any interior space. And with thousands of varieties to choose from, you can keep your rooms looking at their absolute best season after season. But which one to choose from? Which ones are best suited for which room? And what about the height of the plants and trees? Below pointers will help you.

Choosing Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers for Living Room

The living room is where you spend most of your time in and this is also the place which your guests and visitors will encounter first, so you’ll need faux plants, trees, and flowers which will make a statement. Whether you have a neutral palette or a calm ambiance, we always suggest going for vibrant flowers in the living room. Flowers offer a great way to add a splash of color to the setting and bring in much-needed energy and appeal. Opt for faux floral arrangements such as Orchids, Hydrangeas, Peonies, etc, that will make your living room fun and engaging. While artificial Orchids and Peonies will bring an exotic charm and striking colors to space, Hydrangeas are known for their soft appeal and large, dramatic flower heads. One flower arrangement works but if you have a bigger room, then two or more different flower variety arrangements can do it.

If you’re looking to raise the height of your room, then opt for larger plants and trees. And since artificial plants and trees don’t require sunlight, you can keep them in their fixed position. Artificial Palm trees are best suited for living rooms since they bring great height to the room, a sense of calm, and fantasy. These are incredibly sculpted elements with all clean lines and conjure a refreshing, soothing vibe in the setting.

Eye-catching plants such as Split-leaf Philodendrons and Fiddle-leaf Figs have become extremely popular over the years. From Instagram to Pinterest to glossy magazines, you’ll find these plants as part of the design scheme. With their big, dark green leaves and appealing perforations, artificial Split-leaf Philodendrons bring a wonderfully ornamental look to the setting and make a striking impact in the living room. Fiddle-leaf Figs too have a delightful presence and with their leathery leaves and bright color, they bring a fresh tropical look to the setting. Place these two artificial plants in a woven pot and they will look natural and stunning.

Artificial plants and trees do a great job in filling empty, awkward spaces in the living room. They add a nice, creative layer to the living room and create a special look without any fuss.

Choosing Faux Plants, Trees and Flowers for Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place where we unwind and relax. They’re meant to soothe us after a long, tiring day and to recharge our battery. Pleasing flowers and greenery go a long way in creating a soothing, welcoming space and can set the perfect tone in the setting. If your bedroom wall is colored white, then it makes sense to bring in flowers that will bring some color to the décor. Flowers such as Geraniums and Hydrangeas with their big blooms are known to have a huge stage presence and will catch the eye in the room. But if you want to keep the look minimal and simple, then opt for smaller sizes of flowers such as artificial Cherry Blossoms or faux Snowballs that will soften the room and not overpower it.

Faux greenery will bring an inviting feel to your bedroom along with a classy, rejuvenating vibe. Again, you might want to avoid faux plants and trees that will overpower the space. Instead, keep it simple and elegant. Small Palm plants, English Ivy, Snake Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs are some of the plants which will bring enough intrigue and visual appeal to the setting and give you a picturesque display.

Choosing Fake Plants, Trees, and Flowers for Kitchen

The kitchen is where culinary art happens. It is the heart of the home and needs decorative elements of its own. Amidst all the stainless steel, marble, and tiles, you need elements that will soften the space and bring some vibrant color to the setting. And what better than flowers to do so. When it comes to the kitchen, we highly recommend you opt for bright and bold blooms such as Daisies, Daffodils, Ranunculus, and Sunflowers. These are incredibly pretty and exquisite flower varieties that will not just bring a healthy dose of color to the setting, but they will be an uplifting presence in the setting. From the breakfast table to the center of the room, you can introduce these colorful faux flowers anywhere and watch them bring joy and cheer to the room without any hassles.

If you’re looking to fill empty, awkward space in your kitchen and bring some height to the room, then artificial Fruit Trees work like a charm. They fit in the kitchen decoration profile beautifully and add a fun factor to it. From artificial Lemon Trees to artificial Orange Trees, you could opt for fruit trees that will bring an instant injection of color and appeal to the setting.

In the case of greenery, Snake Plants and Fern Plants work beautifully in kitchens. Snake plants with their highly attractive variegated leaves bring great visual appeal to the setting. Perfectly suited for contemporary kitchens, Snake plants blend in effortlessly in any kitchen space and help create an engaging design scheme in no time. Apart from greenery and flowers, hanging plants and baskets make for a really charming addition to kitchens. If you don’t want greenery to come in your way, but still want to bring some visually appealing elements to space, then hanging plants and flower baskets are the way to go. These are absolutely captivating accents and will bring an old-world charm to your space.