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One of the worrying trends over the last couple of decades has been the lack of space for gardens in new homes. As our gardens are becoming narrower, the lack of real estate inside the homes too have been making both home and garden design a challenge. As there is little room to play with creativity and imagination, homeowners often resort to simple decoration. Decorations which will fit in tight spaces, but at the same time won't compromise on the aesthetics. At Silk Plants Direct, we have come up with such minimalistic decorations which will add a year-round interest to your home or garden design.

Our artificial plants are crafted to make sure that you add some glamor and natural looks to your existing design and landscape. These playful elements are artful and striking on their own as well and will let you enjoy priceless beauty without any fancy additions around them. Consider our butterfly bush which is one of the most adorable pieces of decorative accents. Colorful and mesmerizing, with butterflies spread on foliage, they are refreshing and unique and will have an instant impact on your space. Crafted from premium quality material, our plant varieties are highly lifelike and durable.

Our range of plant varieties is stylish and inspiring, and they don’t let the idea of interior decoration intimidate you. Our plain grass bushes paired with some flowers or other decorative accents on a table can just be as beautiful as any artwork or big tree. Place them where it will catch the eye and you will create an impression on every onlooker or guest. Maintenance free and long lasting, these plants will light up your décor till times to come.

This is a great example of how to harness small spaces with minimalistic decorations and yet extract the best out of both. Our Cactus and Sedum plants are bold and provide a spiky edge and texture to the space they are displayed in. They provide a lovely touch and work as a delightful surprise in any landscape. Yet another beautiful tree known for its quirkiness is our Echeveria. Multi-layered and highly whimsical, they can be added to any existing arrangement and provides the space with some boldness and unexpected rawness.

A great way to add life to any room, our plants with their refreshing presence will bring a relaxing vibe interiors. If you are looking to make your room a happier and cozier space, then plants are extremely ideal. They will set the tone for your space and add a unique style to it.