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A product of moisture and shade, Moss is a rich, velvety green cover, a sort of a natural carpet for the forest and abandoned spaces. Moss has been there, around us, since millions of years now and in a bid to bring their tranquility, history and cool softness we are using it increasingly to accentuate our home design. Whether it's an exterior wall of your home, hotel, restaurant or pool area or your meditation space, Moss inspires a calming influence in its surroundings. Easy on the eyes and perfectly adept at creating a beautifully deceptive look, if you are looking an alternative to lawn, wallpaper on your wall or just something which will add to the charming aesthetics of your home or garden design, then our sheet Moss, mats, tiles and runner rolls are ideal.

The versatility of Moss means that they can be shaped in various designs and styles to create an attractive and raw design. At Silk Plants Direct, we are big fans of Moss and our designers and project managers have worked creatively to bring moss into various designs If you are looking to create a living wall and enhance the aesthetics of your home or office décor, then our artificial Moss sheets and Moss rolls are perfect. These sheets and rolls are extremely easy to use and long lasting and will tempt everyone to touch it to feel its cool softness. Fashioned from premium quality material, the color and texture of our faux Moss rolls and mats mimic the real Moss perfectly.

A great way to add realism and an element of the forest in your garden, our Moss mesh sheet and mats will be a value addition to a pot or a well-established landscape. If you want to bring a sense of abandon to your space, then cover your planters and some parts of your pavers with these rolls or sheets and you will have a wonderfully restful aesthetic on your hands. A must have for Japanese gardens, our faux Moss collection will inspire art and serenity in your landscape.

Moss has become a perfect application or decorative accent with their dynamism and eye-catching color and texture. It has also been known that looking at Moss relieves you from the stress and anxiety of daily life. We have blended it into a variety of shapes and patterns to give you the best of this ‘historic layer’ molded into a contemporary urban fabric which is highly functional and elegant.