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How to Decorate with Flower Arrangements in Home Interiors

How to Decorate with Flower Arrangements in Home Interiors

Trends come and go, but flower arrangements have remained. You can always count on flowers to bring priceless beauty and exotic appeal to any room. No matter what design style your room is or what your taste or preferences are, you will always find flower arrangements that will fit in your space and your style beautifully and make an impact. From bringing life to space to introducing a feel-good factor in the setting, flower arrangements go a long way in bringing a smile to everyone’s faces and lifting the spirits. Well chosen flowers or floral arrangements, faux or real, bring irresistible flair and excitement to an otherwise bland space. 

But how to get the most out of your real flowers? Where to introduce those striking faux flower arrangements so that catch the eye and complement the aesthetics of the space? What plant container or vase should accompany the flowers? Too confused? Here’s an easy guide that will help you create a picturesque space using flowers in your home. 

  • Porch – You can set the perfect tone for your home right from the outset by placing potted flower plants on either side of the door or the entrance space. If you’re not too keen on one flower variety or plants, then you can opt for a bigger sized flower arrangement that will greet your visitors in style. A colorful, vibrant potted Azalea flower plant or an artificial floral arrangement consisting of Roses, Sunflowers, and abundant greenery will make quite an impression on the visitors and will also bring great appeal to your porch. You could either opt for a traditional urn to bring a classic twist to your display or a large round mosaic planter will add great elegance and charm to the overall setting. 

  • Hallway – If you don’t have a porch or do not like the idea of introducing expensive artificial flower arrangements or even potted flower plants outside your home, then you can always turn to the hallway. An attractive flower arrangement in your hallway will not just welcome your guests in style but will also act as a conversation starter. Again opt for bright colored flowers, faux or real, that will engage the senses and bring chic appeal to your space. Hydrangeas, Orchids, and Dahlias are excellent flower varieties with large, exquisite blooms and placed in round, square planters will make a great statement. 

  • Bedside/Nightstand – A great way to bring style to your bedside table or nightstand, flowers will add beautiful color to your bedroom. They will bring great energy and charm to the setting and will bring a feel-good factor to the room. What better than to sleep and wake up to such a pretty sight? Ideally, you’ll want to introduce a small, petite flower arrangement here as you’ll want to leave some space for books, phones, and other stuff. Also, pastel-colored flower arrangements work beautifully on nightstands, but if your bedroom needs a pop of color, then opt for bright-colored flowers. Tulips and Rose arrangements will bring a lovely, soothing vibe to your bedroom décor. 

  • Dining Table – A hearty display of flowers on the dining table, brightening up the entire space while you have a wonderful meal. What more you could ask for? If you have a big, rectangular table, then opt for more than one flower centerpiece whereas one works perfectly for a round, small one. Hydrangeas, Lilies, and Peonies work beautifully on the dining table and go a long way in reinvigorating the entire space. Place these flowers in an elongated vase and watch them add a mesmerizing finishing touch to the table. 

  • Patio – Including the right flowers can make any patio look more inviting and feel like a refreshing, private escape. Flowers, in fact, make for a vital introduction in the patio bringing in energy and color which no other element can. An elaborate, grand flower arrangement, artificial or real, will make a brilliant statement and catch the eye in the setting. Orchids come in various colors, shapes, and sizes and will bring such exotic appeal and excitement to the patio and will make a conversation-starter. 

  • Coffee-Table – Flowers offer an easy way to introduce color and texture to a living room and there’s no better place than the coffee-table to show-off some exquisite flowers. We recommend flowers with large heads such as Hydrangeas, Alliums, Sunflowers, etc, that bring scale and energy to the setting. Consider putting them in round or square glass vase which will bring a sleek look to space.  

  • Shelves – Shelves offer a perfect space to introduce flowers, especially if it is starved of color and charm. And why stop at just one flower arrangement? You could use the same arrangement twice or even thrice if space permits. Opt for small-sized arrangements including succulents, or minimal flowers such as Snowballs and Frangipani that will style up your shelves and inspire the setting in no time.  

  • Home-Office Desk/Workspace – Flowers on the work desk is a simple way to increase your productivity and bring some fresh appeal to your workspace. Among all the wires, paperwork, gadgets, and more, flowers will brighten things up and add a stylish finishing touch to it. A simple, solo flower arrangement of Tulips, Calla Lilies, Peonies, or Lilacs will bring an effortlessly eye-catching look and feel to your desk and will set the perfect tone. 

Flowers, real or artificial, bring an exotic, delightful personality to any space and add interesting details to an otherwise bland, average setting. From fun and exciting to soothing to energetic, different flower varieties and colors will help you set the perfect mood in your design scheme. Opt for the perfect one, pair them with the perfect vase and you’ll have a picturesque display.