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25 Quick and Cheap Decor Hacks Nobody Wants You To Know

25 Quick and Cheap Decor Hacks Nobody Wants You To Know

When it comes to turning a regular house into a home, you need to put your heart into personalizing it. However, the heart isn’t enough to add an element of grandeur to your home. Decor often requires much investment. The good news is, there are some low-cost home decor hacks that you can try out in a pocket-friendly budget. Here are 25 home decorating ideas to implement for beautifying your home:

1. Artificial Flowers, Anyone?!

What better way to create a vibrant atmosphere than to adorn your home with a plethora of colorful flora. Rather than bringing in fresh flowers every day, it is more feasible to go for something as real as authentic flowers, minus the withering.

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2. Mirrored Tapestry To Present an Exotic Touch

Grab a couple of patterned bed sheets at your local shop and embellish them with tiny mirrors. These mirrors will glimmer iridescently in the day and bestow a magical forest-like ambiance to your room at night.

3. Build Your Own Mini Furniture

No, we are not talking about one of those popular online DIY furniture kits. You can create a makeshift coffee table using old suitcases and decorate it with 3D crafts for a more ornate feel. It would be better to salvage the worn-out furniture of your home than to make room for new creations. To top it all, you can place a vase of faux flowers on them for your eyes to savor.

4. Quirk Up the Light Switches!

Washi tapes come in all colors and textures to choose from. If you are looking for subtlety, go for natural tints and earthen hues. For a lavish setting, however, you can go for more pigmented colors. Washi tapes are inexpensive and easily replaceable in case you have a mood for a different looking light switch.

5. Glamorize Your Wall!


Use everyday items as stencils to create unique wall art. The scrap cardboards can be turned into a variety of 2D-cutouts for tracing beautiful patterns on your wall. Depending on the type of ambiance you want to create, the color and texture need to be selected for customizing the wall.

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6. Path Of Illumination

Paint the patio pathway with the glow-in-the-dark varnish, creating elaborate designs and patterns. It traps the sunlight during the day to fluoresce at night. The glowing path would express a swoon-worthy festive tone.

7. Cover Up Those Unflattering Devices

If you think the sight of Wi-fi routers or cable boxes are tainting your home, then uncover some of the hardbound books. The hardcovers can then be used to encompass these devices, making them look like actual books. Furthermore, crown them with a wholesome bunch of colorful artificial flowers to add a tinge of beauty.

8. Bulbs With a Funky Touch


Draw interesting patterns on your regular bulbs using different colored sharpies. Once the lamps are switched ON, these patterns would cast endearing shadows for everyone to admire.

9. Highlight the Doorways

Introduce a burst of colors to your otherwise plain doors and windows by painting the edges. This will add just the right amount of color tinge to the minimalistic setting for stirring things up a bit.

10. Revamp the Ceiling Medallion

If the gold finish of your ceiling medallion is losing its luster, worry not! Pick your favorite color for spray painting the medallion, be it matte-red or metallic-blue. You can also get creative with the palette and splash on some dazzling myriad of colors. Instead of purchasing a new medallion, you could redo the old one by adorning it with your choice of tints and shades.

11. Put Those Cables Out Of Sight

A bunch of wires running along the floor makes your home seem unorganized and cluttered. Carve out the plastic boards in the shape of the fence or grass and place them close to the wall. You can now stow away the cables behind these boards to make the area look clear and presentable.

12. Shelve Out the Bathroom

The best way to declutter your bathroom is to store the inventory items in a place where you can find them. The best way to do this is to create shelves on the bathroom wall for keeping towels, bathrobes, and other accessories.

Most of the readymade shelves sold online or in shops can burn a hole in your pocket. However, you can save yourself from bearing the expenses by salvaging some of the old household items to create the shelves.

Take an unusable suitcase, cut out its cover, and nail it to the wall. You can now place your bathroom accessories neatly on this “shelf” instead of the bedroom drawers. That way, they’ll be at an arm’s reach and will save you the trouble of rummaging through the drawers.

13. Swinging On the Chair


If you have an old wooden chair lying around the house that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the decor, then here’s what you can do. Saw off its legs, bind in some thick ropes to it, and voila! You can now use it as a swing by hanging it in the backyard. The best thing for the kids!

14. Stack Up Some Coins For Glitter

You can turn a new prop to a shimmering creation by gluing some of the coins to it. If you have an old vanity box, decorate it with pennies using a non-toxic adhesive that you can find in any thrift store. Embellish the box either by completely covering it up with coins, or you can pair the coins with some other crafty items to create a spectacular keepsake. Indeed, an exotic piece of artistry!

15. Waves Of Ribbons

Pick some of your favorite ribbons, the more colorful and patterned, the better! Cut out three different ribbons to have the same length. Stick one end of these ribbons together and start braiding them to create an intricate twine. You can attach these twines to the wind chime.
So, when the breeze sweeps in, it will make the ribbons danced in the wind to complement the ringing melodies. For the bullion, include a gleaming ribbon for creating a shimmering effect.

To make things more interesting, you can glue in some fuschia silk flowers near the top of these ribbons. The satin texture of flowers would perfectly match with that of the ribbons.

16. Let Your Bookshelves Go Wild!

This one would entice a book nerd and a wildlife enthusiast! Create adorable little animal bookends using as little as plastic toys, scissors, and some adhesive. You can find plastic animal figurines at any dollar store. Just cut the figurine in the mid-section using regular scissors, making sure that the cut is as even as possible.


Next, apply some glue to the cut end and attach it to the outside of the frame. The positioning should be such that the figurine’s feet should touch the ground when the bookend is kept standing. To make it even more snazzy, splash it with a layer of matte brown paint for elegance, or an antique brass spray for a rustic tone.

17. Mirrored Doors and Walls

They say mirrors are doors to other realms! Even if that’s a myth, we can create an illusion of another room by augmenting a mirror to the door’s flat panel. Once the mirror is hung on the door, simply paint its edges with the same color as the door’s surface. This would create an impression of there being another room besides yours. Also, if you attach a huge mirror to the wall, it creates an illusion of a much larger room.

18. Reorganize Your Personal Space With Gusto

Add a speckle of different hues to your study space or dresser by placing all the associated tools in colorful mason jars. Simply clean dry a used mason jar with lid-less cap. Add an ample amount of acrylic paint inside the jar and spread it out evenly to form a uniform layer.

You can choose a multitude of colors in the acrylic paint. Invert the jar on a used newspaper after 10 minutes, and keep it standing for an hour or more till the paint dries off. Use labels with handwritten font and apply them on these jars. Put the lid-less caps back onto these jars. You can now place your makeup brushes or writing instruments in them.

Alternatively, drop some high-quality artificial silk flowers in one of these jars. The enigmatic combination would be a delicious eye-candy to devour.

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19. Put On Some Glad Rags To Those Lamp Shades

Why settle with a mundane looking lamp when you can add elaborate texture to it! Begin with a sheet of canvas drop cloth and cut it into several evenly small-sized circles. Now fold each circle in quarters and start gluing then onto the shade till its entire surface is covered.

The end product would look like something straight out of a vintage, elite-class drama. For a flowery texture, you can jazz up the shade with the bulk of faux flowers to create a lamp of blossoms!

20. Don’t Throw Away Those Cardboard Boxes

When you order something voluminous or a couple of larger things from an online store, they always arrive in these big, sturdy boxes that are mostly discarded without a second thought. These boxes can be spruced up and used to store some of your fabric and stationery. 

All you have to do is cut out handles to the sides of these boxes, and cover it up with a decorative paper. If you want to personalize it with your artistry, envelope it in a plain white paper and paint it. Add some depth to it by gracing it with crafty faux flowers or origami.

21. Stay Motivated and Driven By Your Personalized Quotes

When you get up in the morning, the first thing you want to see is an inspirational quote that is dear to your heart. What better way to do this than to ink it on a chalkboard!


If you have some spare lumber in your storage, you can coat it with chalkboard paint to start with. If not, you can find a readymade chalkboard at your local store for a reasonable price. For the frame, make 45 degrees cut to the rectangular boards and border the chalkboard with them.

You can paint the frame with a wood stain to make it look authentic. After augmenting it with D-ring hangers, you can attach the chalkboard to your bedroom wall. You can now splurge your favorite quote on it, written in your handwriting for a personal touch.

22. Let Your Lamp Radiate Some Glamor!

Another lampshade hack! However, this time, it will glitter with speckles of gold. Add a single layer of glitter to the shade’s interior. Once the light comes on, it will display gleaming flecks to create a discotheque look. If the shade is translucent, even better.

23. Change the Wallpaper To Suit Your Mood

Not sure about the new wallpaper you were just gifted? You don’t have to commit to it if you’re not sure about whether it’ll go with the rest of the decor or not. Simply mix in some corn starch with water to create a thick paste. This paste can be used as a temporary adhesive for the wallpaper.

If you’re not happy with the arrangement, you can easily remove it again without damaging the wall. Alternatively, you can change the wallpaper every month or every six months to transform your home each time.

24. Capture the Essence Of Seasonal Transition

Bring home the beautiful tranquility of the fall season by gracing your home with the actual leaves. These leaves, symbolizing the fall season, are best preserved using Modge Podge. After drying, the leaves can be used to adorn regular home items or simply framed on the wall.

25. Plates on the wall

We all have mismatched ceramics in our kitchen, which have accumulated over the years. There would always be one or two left-over plates of the old dining set that has lost all the other pieces to accidents. You can decorate your wall by simply hanging these plates on the living room wall and create a vintage-inspired setting.

Let your creativity out

The best way to grace home is to unleash your creativity in adorning it. By doing so, you’re not only personalizing it but also weaving treasurable memories while grooming your place of respite.