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How to Clean Silk Plants and Trees

How to Clean Silk Plants and Trees

Your home defines your class and lifestyle. Due to this, there is always a latent competition between the neighbors in every locality. Your neighbors may not come to your place. But they will always try to make their homes look better than yours. Decorating plays a great role in this respect. Here is how you can improve the aesthetics and your ego by decorating your home with artificial greens.

Why use artificial greens?

While greeneries can add life to the home, not everyone is lucky with live plants. Unfortunately, a majority of the people do not have green thumbs. They neither have the patience or the time to take care of the plants. This is where the artificial greens come handy for decoration. The best part of them is that they can make your home stimulating like their live cousins.

Do not ignore the exterior

The exterior of your home can make it prominent to the neighborhood. Chances are that you will forget it when you go inside. But the neighbors will newer. So, decorate the exterior with artificial greens. If you have a driveway, give it a nice look by installing outdoor palms. Likewise, you can also define the pathway with outdoor boxwood hedges and outdoor boxwood mats.

There are many varieties to choose from

The artificial trees for decoration are available in plenty of varieties. Pick anything from flowers, plants, trees, tree components, topiaries, palms, and outdoor palms. Each of these varieties is available in different types, sizes, shapes, and colors to revamp your home. These are available in standard sizes. You can also get them customized to suit any special need.

They look like real plants

The artificial greens have passed through many process evolutions. Now they have come far away from their earlier shabby and plastic look. They are now manufactured from prime quality foliage, and color pigments. This makes them like the mirror image of their live cousins. As a result, they do not compromise with aesthetics and can deceive the most experienced eyes. Thus, they deliver the most realistic ambiance in the home.

You can install them wherever you like

The artificial plants for home decor can do justice to the exterior and the interior as well. You can install them anywhere in your home from the living room to the bedroom, kitchen, dining, and the bathroom. These do not have any sunlight requirements. As such you can place them in the darkest corner without any problem.

They relieve you from the fear of fire hazards

The artificial greens have been responsible for many fire hazards in the past. But now the scenario has changed. You may adorn the interior with small flowering trees or any other product that aligns with your decor. They come with special fire retardant chemicals during manufacturing. This makes them fire-retardant. So, you can include them in the interior without any worry.

They never fade or wilt

The artificial flowers for home decoration never fade or wilt. Due to the use of top-notch quality raw materials, they can withstand different weather conditions. Once installed in the home they can adorn the place for many years without any loss of shine. They have a long shelf life and you can pack them up when they are not in use.

Limited care is enough to keep them shining

Installing faux trees and plants can put you into a complicated situation. They need soil, sunlight, regular watering. Fertilization and spraying pesticides are also essential to keep them healthy. These also demand the supervision of a professional gardener.

But, these near-natural trees and plants have no such maintenance hassles. Unlike the live plants, they never grow out of shape, nor overgrow the space. As such you do not need to trim them. Only period dusting and cleaning is enough to keep them look the best. These make them a better decor option for your home saving on both cost and manpower.

They offer easy installation

The artificial plants and trees indoor come in standard pots and bases. So, you can install them without any trouble. These are light in weight. You can interchange them between places without any problem. This makes them perfect for decor changes with no investments.

Place them in the corner of your living space; they will add drama and character to the place. You can also place them on staircase landings. They will add beauty and charm to the stairs.

The artificial greens are clean

When you use the fake trees and plants for the home interior, there is no chance of mud or water spillage. This makes them a clean option. Unlike the live plants, these do not shed leaves. So, you are free from cleaning the mess underneath.

They deliver a safe environment

The fake horticultural elements do not attract any insects. They also do not grow any mold and cause no allergy. As such, these are safe for your children and the guests as well. These also do not attract pets and, thus, there is no chance of pet damage.

They create a nice centerpiece

Looking like their natural versions, they make great artificial floral centerpieces. Place it on the dining table in decorative pots. It will make the room glam looking like a fresh bouquet. Even if the kids topple it, it is not destroyed. You can rearrange them without any problem.

Place them where live plants can grow

Do not give a blunt giveaway by installing the fake plants in dark places only. Install them where they could grow if they were not artificial. This will make them look like the real plants and jazz up the decoration in a jiffy. You can also mix them with real ones while decorating your home.