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Bold, Exotic Flower Arrangements Are Everywhere Right Now: Here’s How to Get the Look

Bold, Exotic Flower Arrangements Are Everywhere Right Now: Here’s How to Get the Look

Flower arrangements, real and faux, are having a moment in interior design right now. We’re not referring to few fresh cut flowers tossed into a glass vase and displayed on the coffee table. We’re talking about elaborate, luxurious flower arrangements that feature multiple flower varieties, exquisite foliage varieties mixed together to create a masterpiece. We’re talking about flower centerpieces that feature striking colors, exotic appeal, and bold personality that wow everyone and makes a grand statement in any setting. You’ve likely seen such flower arrangements in ballrooms, hotels, flower shows, Instagram, and glossy interior design magazines. 

Creating such luxurious flower arrangements with real flowers cost a lot and last only a few days. Hence, they’re not ideal for home decoration. However, you can opt for artificial flower arrangements that will give you great returns by styling your home for years and making a statement in the design scheme. So, here we’ll discuss how faux flower arrangements are bringing big personality to homes everywhere and how to get the right look with them. 

Faux flower arrangements have always been around. So, why are they trending right now? According to our in-house designing team, bold, large flower arrangements offer a great way to assert your individuality in your home. The vibrant colors, the one-of-a-kind flowers, and their combinations bring sophistication to the interior design and allow home-owners to go big. Here are a few ways to use these unique, luxury flower centerpieces in your space for an extra boost of personality. 

  • Mix Shapes and Varieties – Bold, exotic artificial flower arrangements are widely available at stores and online, but you could truly create a unique one by buying various varieties in different colors and putting them together. From faux Orchids to Hydrangeas, Peonies to Ranunculus, Roses to Sunflowers, you could create some really creative displays. If you’re not fond of such a cocktail, then throw-in just one variety (your favorite flower) in different colors in a vase and pair them with grass or foliage for a fuller look and an eye-catching display. 


Exotic Flower Arrangements


  • Add a Sense of Luxury – Even if you opt for an extremely affordable centerpiece, having a rich, colorful display around can feel upscale, especially in certain areas. Display these flower arrangements in places where there is a lot of traffic so you can enjoy them regularly. The hallway and living room are ideal for placing them as these flowers will welcome your guests (and you) in style and zest and will also act as a conversation starter. Bright flowers will go a long way in adding a sense of luxury to space and will make quite an impression. 

  • Play with Sizes – There’s always a temptation to go for attention-grabbing, showy flowers that will absolutely brighten up the room in an instant. However, there’s also space for smaller flowers or fillers that will add their own appeal and charm to the arrangement. It’s hard to find flower arrangements that will have everything you want, so select one that closely resembles your dream display and buys other flowers individually. You could always add them to the vase with the original display. For instance, Mix Hydrangeas with Snowballs, Peonies with Baby’s Breath, Ranunculus with Frangipani to create the best, most realistic display. 


Decorate with Flower Arrangements


  • Best of Both the Worlds – When you buy a faux flower arrangement, it does not mean that the entire display has to be artificial. You can always add some real flower in the mix to create a striking arrangement that blends the best of both the worlds. While faux flowers will add longevity and attractive colors to the display, real flowers will bring a touch of nature and sweet fragrance to it. And the best part is that you can always change the real flowers with other varieties to create a new, charming centerpiece every time for parties, get-together, festivities, etc. 

Flower arrangements will make your home feel more joyous and vibrant. Try this trend in your space and give your home happy energy and a shot of excitement in no time.