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How to Choose Faux Plants and Flowers for your Aesthetic

How to Choose Faux Plants and Flowers for your Aesthetic

Since faux plants and flowers don’t require sunlight, water, or have any heavy upkeep issues, you can bring any variety in your space without any worries. These faux decorative accents come in interesting and lovely forms and colors that can completely transform your interior design. Since you can select any of the thousands of varieties available, it is easy to get caught up in attention-grabbing options which might not be the best option for your design style. There are artificial plants and flowers for every kind of space, every kind of interior design style. You should ensure that the plants, trees, or flowers you’re selecting blend in beautifully with the style of your space and complement it. 

Looking to decorate your home and wondering which decorative accent is best suited for your design style? Look no further. Our designers here share the most suited plants, trees, and flowers for popular interior design styles. These plants and flowers will help you create the feeling you want to evoke in your room. 

  • Modern Space – Modern interior design consists of clean, crisp lines and employs a sense of simplicity in every element from furniture to decorative elements. In the case of decorative elements, you need to introduce accents that demand artistic and creative expression. Tulips and Calla Lilies work brilliantly in modern spaces. These are elegant and incredibly beautiful and shapely flowers that are available in various colors and bring lovely appeal to the setting. If you’re avoiding colors and are looking for elements that will give your modern space great height along with a sense of fantasy and calm, then Palm Trees and Split-Leaf Philodendrons work best. 

Here’s our artificial Tulips collection, artificial Calla Lily arrangements, Faux Palm Trees, Faux Split-Leaf Philodendrons. 


artificial Tulips


  • Minimalist Space – Minimalist design takes modern design and simplifies it further. With simple and streamlined furnishings and ultra-clean lines, minimalist design is just what it sounds like. For such a design style, you need clean, modern flowers such as Snowball and Frangipani which look incredibly cute and have a small stature. If you’re looking for minimalistic plants then we would highly recommend succulents that are simple yet striking and will bring beautiful hues to the setting. 

You can find here our artificial Snowball flowers, faux Frangipani flowers, and artificial succulent arrangements. 

artificial Snowball flowers


  • Industrial Design Style – Industrial design style is rustic and mature, drawing inspiration from warehouses. These spaces have a certain raw appeal about them and often feature exposed brick, wood, steel, and ductwork. In such spaces, copper, silver, or gold-toned flowers work best since they have a rustic appeal and warmth to them. 

You can browse our collection of artificial copper, gold and silver-toned flowers here. 


artificial copper, gold and silver-toned flower


  • Shabby Chic Space – Shabby chic design style makes use of vintage elements to create an antique flea market look. It has more of a soft and delicate appeal and the decorative elements used in such a space tend to be feminine and opulent. If you’re looking for flowers for a shabby chic design, then we recommend you opt for Roses or Orchids and even Alliums. You can either opt for pastel-colored flowers or opt for vibrant colors and if possible place them in a distressed-looking container. Other options include artificial Fern plants or Boxwood plants in a rustic urn or an antique vase. 

Have a look at our gorgeous silk flowers collection of artificial Roses, faux Orchids, faux Alliums, artificial ferns, and faux boxwood. 

  • Traditional Design Style – Traditional spaces boast of classic details and finds its roots in European sensibilities. Homes with a traditional design style usually feature rich color palettes, decorative accessories with ornate details, and dark, finished wood. If you’re looking for flowers that will fit in effortlessly in a traditional space, then look no further than Anemone and Hydrangeas. Brilliant, elegant blooms that bring a dimension to traditional design style, these flowers will bring wonderful depth and detail to the setting. 

Browse our collection of artificial Anemone and faux Hydrangeas

With their colors, foliage, and form, plants and flowers exude personality and help in emphasizing the style of the space. Of course, there’s no harm in opting for your favorite flowers and mixing them in a different style, but this guide will help you in giving the ideal finishing touch to your specific design style. The right flower varieties in the ideal vase can go a long way in amplifying the aesthetic of your space.