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Decorate with What You Love: A Surefire Way to Make Your Home Feel More Joyous

Decorate with What You Love: A Surefire Way to Make Your Home Feel More Joyous

Returning home after a long day has to be one of the most comforting experiences. And a home full of good vibes and bursting with happiness is something you can feel the moment you walk through the door. It not only brings you at ease but the joy rubs onto you. So, what makes a home more joyous? What gives the happy energy that also has an uplifting effect on you? Well, the mood you create in your space using colors, accessories, and more has the power to influence us. You need to include elements that will make you fall in love with your space when you enter it. You need to decorate it with the things you love. From bold colors to favorite flowers and plants to personal touches, these thoughtful touches will transform your space and make it feel more joyful. 

  • Favorite Color or Signature Color – We all have that color which looks great on us, don’t we? Colors which we love to wear or the one which we share a connection with. Same works for your home’s color scheme. You need to find colors that appeal to you and ones that will look best in your home. You need to find colors that you will love coming home to everyday. This is a process that involves hits and misses. You’ll need to bring paint strips, fabric swatches, and small accents in different colors for a trial and zero down on one. Trust us, it’s worth it. 

  • Fill your Home with Plants and Flowers – You can never go wrong with this one. Orchids, succulents, palms will add a fantastic finishing touch to your décor. Plants and flowers always make us happy. Studies have shown that they bring a sense of happiness, mental well-being, physical well-being and create a healing atmosphere in any setting. If you have the time and patience to care for plants and colorful cut flowers, then opt for ones which are your favorites. If you can’t, then go for faux plants and flowers. Modern artificial plants and flowers look as good as real ones and will bring delightful color and depth to your rooms without requiring any maintenance whatsoever. 

  • Dedicated Space for Your Art – You need to devote a dedicated zone for your art. Whether you’re writing a memoir or practicing knitting, painting, or practicing a musical instrumental, you need to create a space for your passion project. And by space, we don’t mean a complete room. Even one corner where you can store all your tools that you need to practice is enough to get you going. This will not just keep your space uncluttered but will further drive you in your pursuit. 

  • Define the Mood of the Home – How do you want your room to feel like? Do you want to create a laid-back space? Or a cozy setting? Or which is energetic and lively? Depending on what mood you want to create in your room you’ll have to consider appropriate materials, colors, and furnishings. For instance, if you want a happy energy in your room, then you’ll want to include rich colors, bright flowers, flashy patterns and glossy surfaces in it. If you want to create a cozy home space, then earthy tones and natural textures will fit in effortlessly. 

  • Pictures – Personal touches all over will create a sense of belonging and attachment to your home. Good memories of vacation, loved ones etc, will bring great joy to you every time you look at the pictures. You could turn your hallway or pass-through space into a gallery of your own with your favorite pictures. 

  • Meaningful Display Yet another example of a personal touch that will bring a smile to your face every time you walk across it. Show off things that tell your story. Maybe a vintage jewelry from your Grandma? Or some hand-made work by your Mom? Or maybe a piece of pottery you created in your class some time back? Even an accessory that you purchased from your vacation last year? Everything that tells your story can be weaved in the décor to make it more special and unique. 

    Creating a home that makes you feel joyous and brings a smile on the face requires you to create a space that is a reflection of you. You need to banish boredom and blend your personality into your space. Once you have your own imprint on your space, you will establish a connection with it which, in turn, will pave the path to joy.