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Artificial Plants and The Art of Shaping Up the Room

Artificial Plants and The Art of Shaping Up the Room

Faux plants are the perfect option for people who can somehow end up killing up succulents in a matter of days. In fact, modern artificial plants look incredibly lifelike and bring a touch of outside indoors without any maintenance demands. These modern renditions are handcrafted with extreme attention to details and bring great value to a room’s design. From adding year-round fresh color to the space to bringing a soothing vibe to the setting, faux plants work in every room, every design style. They’re aesthetically delights. Available in a variety of colors, scale, texture and form, you can create a statement-making design with silk plants. And the most interesting feature of artificial plants is their ability to shape up a room. 

Apart from bringing elegant appeal and excitement to a space, these decorative elements bring refreshing artfulness to the design scheme. Most designers view plants and trees as sculptural elements. They consider plants and trees as art pieces that can style up any interior design with their presence. 

Plants and Trees as Sculptures

One of the best features of artificial plants and trees is that they can be effectively used to positive shape up a room’s design. And since they do not require any sort of upkeep using sheers, their design or artful appeal remains constant and keep the room’s charm intact season after season. Since these decorative accents can be a large feature in a room, they’re akin to art pieces. Especially when they bring a fresh artfulness to the setting. Artificial trees which are around 5-6’ tall act as statement pieces in a room whereas small plants work best when it comes to layering a space or as vignettes. 

There are also fruit trees which look like sculptures and bring a fun twist to the setting with their colorful fruits and topiaries cut into ornamental shapes which bring an altogether different appeal and joyous vibe to the design. Here are a few faux plants and trees that can help shape up your room. 

Shapely Faux Plants and Trees for Home Decor

Palm – One of the most sculptural tree varieties around, Palm Trees are big favorites among designers. They bring welcome life to the setting and have the ability to to light up any design style with their presence. With their stately trunk and shapely leaves and arching fronds, Palm Trees make for an exquisite part of interior design. From artificial Sago Palm Trees to artificial Rhapis Palm Trees, faux Coconut Palm Trees to faux Date Palm Trees, fake Cycas Palm Trees to fake Bamboo Palm Trees, there are so many options available that bring a sense of fantasy, calm and sophistication to your space without any hassles. 

Palm Trees, with their sharp lines and tall, statuesque presence make for an iconic addition to any setting. Whether you place them in the corners or right in the center of the room, they will look like mesmerizing art pieces. 

Topiaries – It does not get more sculptural than Topiaries. In fact, topiaries in indoors spaces function almost like sculptures and bring irresistible flair and excitement to the setting. From the classic ball to bold spiral, from appealing cone to pyramid topiaries, from triangular to the combination of the shapes (cone and pyramid, spiral and cone, ball and pyramid and so on), there is so much to choose from. And the best part is that our faux topiaries won’t lose their shape throughout their lives so you don’t have to worry about working with shears. Our faux topiaries will look shapely and bring vibrant art forms in your design scheme all-year round. 

And it’s not just the shapes, but varieties that you can choose from as well. From artificial Boxwood topiaries to artificial Cedar topiaries, faux Azalea to faux Juniper, fake Needlepoint Ivy to fake Celosia topiaries, there are so many varieties available that will give you magnificent sculptural results in the design scheme. And then there is Preserved Boxwood variety which will bring all the color, liveliness and freshness of the real plants without their maintenance. You just cannot go wrong with topiaries if you’re looking to shape up your room. 

Plants – Split-leaf Philodendrons, Monstera plants, and Fiddle Leaf Fig are some of the most sculptural plants around. These are incredibly shapely and exotic-looking plants that can grow into attractive forms. And if you have any doubts about the sculptural effect or popularity of these plants, take a look at any random home design picture or home décor Instagram feed and you’ll find either of them. Apart from these, Birds of Paradise, Sansevieria Plants and Yucca Cane too work fantastically well in any design. 

The easiest way to add a touch of green, a touch of sophistication and a whole lot of sculptural feel to the aesthetic room decor, plants and trees are absolutely magic and essential ingredients for any space. They almost act like pieces of art in any room and take it to the next level.