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Can All House Plants Live Indefinitely with the Right Care?

Can all house plants live indefinitely with the right care
Just like every living thing, house plants too have a lifespan. They can certainly survive a few years and in some cases, a few decades and even centuries but they cannot live forever. So how long can houseplants actually live? A Ficus Bonsai Tree in Crespi, Italy is reported to be over a thousand years old. A Juniper Bonsai Tree in Mansei-en, a Japan Bonsai nursery, is proven to be over a thousand years old.

An Eastern Cape cycad houseplant that was potted in 1775 and is located in the conservatory at London’s Kew Gardens currently holds the record for the oldest living houseplant. Measuring over four meters in height and weighing more than a ton, this oldest potted plant in the world grows at an average rate of 2.5 cm per year and leans on props to remain standing. So, what makes plants live so many years? Can all houseplants live indefinitely with the right care?

According to botanists, there is no predetermined lifespan when it comes to indoor plants. Their lives depend upon getting the right care and ideal growing conditions. When subject to optimal light, temperature, relative humidity, water, nutrition, and growing medium, houseplants can thrive for decades and even centuries. This is dependent on their genetics. The genetics of certain houseplants along with other factors give them a longer lifespan than others.

Unlike humans who are considered old or senior citizens above the age of 60 or 65, plants do not have a set age where they are termed as old. Under the right conditions, they flourish and keep growing. There are, however, certain plants that can live really long. Here are a few long-living house plants –


No surprises there. The longest living indoor plant around boasts an average lifespan of 1000 years when grown natively. Cycads look similar to palm trees but consist of evergreen leaves that are stiffer and have a trunk that is thicker as compared to palms.

Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

One of the most tolerant plants around, Pothos have beautifully colored and vibrant leaves. They can easily survive in a variety of environments and can even thrive in low light or bright, indirect light, and moderate water. And the best part is that they can come to life in a few weeks even after appearing almost dead.


Succulents are notorious for surviving extreme ignorance. This is the big reason you’ll find them everywhere. One of the easiest plants to care for, potted succulents look beautiful and can survive for weeks without water. They absolutely love the sun and are ideal low-maintenance plants. Care for them a little and they’ll spruce up your home for decades.

To sum it up, all plants eventually die. How many years they survive completely depends on the care they receive and how efficiently you keep them disease-free.