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The Best Faux Plants for Home Décor in 2021

The Best Faux Plants for Home Décor in 2021

Every year we see elaborate articles written in home décor blogs and interior design sites or magazines about how silk plants will be a distant memory by the end of the year as an increasing number of people are opting for real plants. Yet the sale of silk plants reach record highs each year and early trends show no signs of slowing down in 2021. From introducing a refreshing shot of fresh color and texture in the setting to bringing a calm, soothing vibe, artificial plants can do it all without any maintenance. With more people choosing to decorate their homes and offices with these plants, manufacturers are coming up with incredibly lifelike and botanically-accurate varieties that bring unmatched flair and aesthetics to space.

Looking to enliven your home? Here’s a list of the best faux plants for home décor for 2021.

Cedar Bonsai

As an increasing number of home-owners are opting for minimal design, simple and minimalistic faux plants are going to be big this year. And this artificial Cedar Bonsai is tipped to be one of the most popular decorative trees of the year. An incredibly attractive bonsai specimen with a lifelike, detailed trunk and foliage at different levels, this faux Cedar Bonsai Tree will make for a striking addition to any home design.

Bird of Paradise Plant

Simple yet striking, Bird of Paradise plants are some of the most rejuvenating elements around. With a tropical crown of seven leaves, these artificial Bird of Paradise plants looks incredibly cool and captivating no matter where you place them. Plants that will take center stage in any room, these faux elements will be highly exciting additions to any space. They will bring a wonderfully tropical vibe to your home.

Echeveria Succulent

One of the most well-known succulents, Echeveria boasts absolutely charming leaves’ structure. Rose-shaped succulents that come in a variety of gorgeous colors, you’re sure to find one that will fit your design preferences and room. Plump, smooth leaves that look incredibly stunning, artificial Echeveria Succulents make a lofty impression in any setting.

Dieffenbachia Plant

One of the most exquisite ornamental plants around, Dieffenbachias features pointed, oval leaves in a variety of combinations of green, cream, and white hues. Also known as dumb canes, these are beautiful tropical plants that bring a cool, refined look and feel to any setting. These artificial Dieffenbachia Plants are eye-catching renditions of their real counterparts and will help you create a soothing, calming retreat throughout the year.

Bougainvillea Plant

After the nightmarish 2020, home décor trends of 2021 will be dominated by bright colorful accents that bring cheer and energy galore to the setting. And what better than this artificial Bougainvillea Plant to lift the spirits? Featuring an artfully cascading, refreshing foliage with spectacular red flowers, this faux Bougainvillea Plant will absolutely light up any room with its presence. These plants are the gateway to livelier, prettier home décor.

Boston Fern

Also known as Sword Fern, Boston Fern is an extremely popular houseplant that brings loads of tropical goodness to any setting. This artificial Boston Fern Bush is an attractive specimen with long, graceful fronds and is known to make any design scheme more interesting and cool. A beautiful and vibrant element that will make a big impact in any setting, this faux Boston Fern will bring a timeless appeal to your space.

Sansevieria Plant

With their stunningly variegated, sword-like leaves, Sansevieria Plants make a big statement in any space. They have been one of the top picks for several years and still remain hugely popular among home-owners. Also known as Snake plants, these artificial Sansevieria Plants bring plenty of personality to any space and are known to make a room just so enjoyable and dramatic.

Areca Palm

There are very few trees that can match the flair and breezy appeal that Areca Palm can bring to space. They inject a unique personality and flair into any design scheme and make the space attractive and welcoming. If that’s what you desire your space to be, then these artificial Areca Palm Trees are all you need this year. Consisting of distinct, lifelike trunks with wonderfully refreshing and graceful fronds on top, these faux Areca Palm Trees ensure a grand and picturesque setting without any hassles.

Fiddleleaf Fig

One of the most adorable plants around, Fiddleleaf Fig has been the darling of the interior design world for the past few years. Known for their large, glossy, leathery leaves, these artificial Fiddleleaf Fig plants are simply stunning and add a delightful sculptural element to any setting. An excellent choice if you’re looking to add a wow factor to the room, this fake Fiddleleaf Fig plant will be a bright spark in your room season after season.

Split-leaf Philodendron

If you don’t know about Split-leaf Philodendrons yet, you must be living in a cave. This plant is everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to glossy décor magazines. Extremely stylish and attractive ornamental plants, this Split-leaf Philodendron consists of big, dark-green leaves with appealing perforations and makes for an eye-catching presence in any setting. Plants that bring plenty of appeal and character to a room, these faux Split-leaf Philodendrons make a striking impact in the space.