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How to Fake a Green Thumb (And Get Away with It!)

How to Fake a Green Thumb (And Get Away with It!)

Calling all black thumbs: just because you aren’t blessed with a green thumb that doesn’t mean you cannot have plants in your home. Just like kids, it takes a village to raise a plant. There are many people out there who love having greenery around them and no matter what plant they bring in their space, they find a way to kill them. Sounds familiar? You will be surprised to know that there are thousands walking amongst us who have managed to shrivel up succulents too with their ‘special skills’. Whether you’re working with a dark room, limited time or no skills, you can absolutely fake a green thumb and get away with it. Here we have highlighted a few ways that will give you plant inspiration and tips to keep your home green and lively. 

Low-Care Indoor Plants

The easiest way to fake a green thumb is by bringing in low-care indoor plants in your home. And by low-care, we mean absolutely rugged plants that can thrive despite serious negligence. Aloe, ZZ plant, succulents, rubber plant, and philodendrons are some of the most popular low-care plants that will bring great joy to your home without regular upkeep requirements. Based on where you live, you can find a lot of set-it-and-forget-it kind of plants that will look at their absolute best no matter how hard you try to kill them.

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants offer a fantastic way to introduce greenery in your home without any maintenance requirements. And let us assure you that faux plants of today boast of incredible details and other features such as real-touch, life-like size, etc, which makes it really tough to know real plants from fake ones. From artificial palm trees to silk flower arrangements, faux hanging plants to fake succulents, there are thousands of varieties to choose from which will make your space much better and brighter with their presence season after season.

Easy Projects

Opt for easier horticultural projects that take less time and even lesser skills to flourish but still make a big impact. One of the examples of easy projects is terrariums or miniature gardens. They look incredibly exotic but are really easy to make and maintain. All you need is a glass container, some pebbles, potting soil, and dwarf plants that can withstand humid conditions and low sunlight. Plants such as ferns and moss varieties are ideal for terrariums and make a stunning impression wherever they’re displayed.


One of the prime reasons plants wither away is due to the fact that people aren’t aware of the different needs their plants need. Different plants react differently to sunlight, water, fertilizer etc. Another reason they become sick is that people forget caring for them. If you’re struggling with these issues, then there are apps available that will help you figure out what your plants needs and how to nurture them best. Planta, Florish, Blossom, and Vera are a few best plant care apps around that will help you fake a green thumb.

DIY Plants

DIY craft plants is another excellent way to create a beautiful display in your living room if you just cannot keep your real plants alive. From roses to potted cactus to different greens, you can easily create beautiful replicas of plants and flowers that will not just enliven your space but will showcase you incredible skills. There are a myriad of tutorials available online that will show you how to create DIY craft plants easily and fake a green thumb.