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How to Make a Terrarium Fairy Garden

how to make a terrarium fairy garden

Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward is credited for the creation of terrariums when in 1869 he accidentally grew grass in a closed enclosure while experimenting with a moth chrysalis. Although they gained popularity during the Victorian era, they enjoyed a mini revival in the 1970s. Terrariums, these days, are incredibly captivating with so much variety and creativity.

Fun, low-maintenance and extremely charming, terrariums are popping up everywhere. And why not? They are easy to make, a creative activity to do with children and you can display them in any room. They are compact, require little watering and are really easy to care for. They can boost the  appeal in any room and enliven the setting with their presence. If you are looking to make a terrarium fairy garden, then here are a few tips to do so.

First, start by planning your terrarium fairy garden. You can draw and map out how your garden should look like and play around with different ornaments until you’re happy with the overall look and feel. If you are not one for planning, then jump straight to creating it, free style. But do not crowd your terrarium fairy garden. Keep it simple and clean.

Next, choose your terrarium container. It should ideally be a glass container, with or without lid, and can be any size or shape. From apothecary jars to fishbowls, large glass candy jars to even jewelry boxes, you can use any container you want. Once, you have finalized the container, add a pebble layer (1-2 inches) to the bottom of the container. This will help in creating a drainage layer so water can settle and will prevent your plant from flooding. You can also peat moss for this. It will keep your terrarium light.

Cover the pebbles layer with some activated charcoal which will help in reducing bacteria, fungi, and other odors. Now fill the container with a light potting mix, at least 2 inches deep. Now, the best part – selecting plants for your terrarium fairy garden. It is best to mix different plants to give the garden an interesting look. Ideally, you should select a climber, a flowering plant and one with an interesting texture. Be as creative and whimsical here as possible. You can go out of the box and create something absolutely unique and exciting.

Finally, you need to choose accessories to add to your DIY terrarium fairy garden. This will depend on what kind of scene you want to depict. From beach vacation to wilderness theme, wildlife to a farm scene, you can create whatever you want and opt for accessories accordingly. Chairs, tables, arbors, benches, fairies, hanging pots, animals, birds, interesting stones, and shells etc., you can add in accessories according to the scene you want to create. Your terrarium fairy garden is now ready.