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Staging Your Home to Sell: How to Use Plants

Staging Your Home to Sell: How to Use Plants

Organize your space. Declutter it. Bring more color in the design scheme. Make it more pleasing and comfier. If you have ever staged your home to sell, there are all sorts of classic advice you can find to get your home sale-ready. But the best thing you can do to make your house feel like a home is by adding plants to it. A little greenery can go a long way in creating a refreshing retreat and help improve the overall vibe of the setting. Apart from adding a pleasing color and plenty of serenity to space, plants make any space more welcoming and chic. They can really add value to your living space and can help you sell your home faster.

Plants make a really good first impression. And that is the reason it is best that you display some on your porch and your entryway which are the first places people see when they visit your home. Plants will make your home feel more inviting while boosting the curb appeal of your space. From filling up empty areas to flanking the doorway with tall plants, from adding hanging plants for an added romanticism and warmth to introducing pots of colorful flowers for energy, plants and flowers can work wonders and create a fantastic first impression.

While many recommend that you use real plants for better effect, we can say that using faux plants is just as efficient. In fact, fake plants will put up a better show and will end up costing you less in the long run if the staging process goes on for long. You need to ensure that you use high quality artificial plants which will look incredibly realistic and create a visual interest that is comparable to live plants.

Yet another thing that plants are good at is that they show the amount of space in the floor plan. Palm trees, tall floor plants, and other large trees help raise the ceiling and give potential buyers a sense of how high the ceilings are. Apart from filling empty spaces and adding interest to the setting, plants can also become a visual focal point in the room. Just introduce one in a gorgeous planter and you will have a picturesque display that will instantly catch the eye in any design scheme. On the other hand, smaller plants, desktop plants can style up space in a subtle, minimal way. They can add a finishing touch to the room.

The best part about introducing plants in a home is that they add a homey touch to the setting. They help in avoiding a fake, sterile staged-look and bring a really refined look to space.