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7+ Permanent Botanicals Ideas in 2021

7+ Permanent Botanicals Ideas in 2021

The best way to style up any room is by introducing some flowers in it. No matter how bland or average the design scheme is, flowers make it incredibly attractive and pleasant, especially permanent botanicals. They are gorgeous and lively and offer great value for the money. From Cherry Blossoms to Tulips, Hydrangeas to Orchids, Roses to Lilies, there are permanent botanicals available for every room, season, style preference, and budget. There are also permanent botanical arrangements or centerpieces that you can use as focal points in your space. Simply put, if you are looking to perk up things in your home, bring in some permanent botanicals that will bring oodles of happy vibes in the setting.

Here are a few permanent botanical ideas for the year 2021 that will help you keep your space trendy and stylish.


Due to the pandemic and the overall mood still dark and pensive, centerpieces in 2021 will signify happiness and positivity. And what better than mixing colorful Daisies to create a stunning, refreshing permanent botanical. Toss different colored faux Daisies in a glass container and you will have a timeless permanent botanical that will set the perfect cheerful mood in your home season after season.


Delicate and charming, Roses are incredibly special flowers that help in creating a highly memorable display. If you are looking for an easy way to introduce a splash of colors and brighten up space, then create your own faux Rose centerpiece by mixing different colored Rose sprays. Feminine and truly mesmerizing, a permanent Rose Botanical will never let you down.


Orchids are some of the most exotic blooms around. That means they are also very expensive. Permanent botanicals consisting of Orchids bring a luxury look to any room minus the extensive cost and efforts. From Phalaenopsis to Cymbidium to Vanda Orchids, you can create a centerpiece from each variety and mix-n-match for an exclusive, grand look.

Dry Permanent Botanicals

If you are looking for something really unique and rustic, then opt for dried botanicals. These are real flowers that have been dried and make for an interesting addition to any setting. Dried flowers, greenery, berries, pinecones, moss, grass, etc., are some dried permanent botanicals that can inject a whole lot of charm and elegance into your space.


One of the ways to keep your home more festive and alive throughout the year is by introducing garlands. These permanent botanicals are eclectic, charming and bring dollops of joy to any room. Hang them through columns, walls, doors, etc., or place them on tables or shelves and you will see a lively, joyous vibe in your home.

Hanging Baskets

There are very few elements that can match the flair and joy that hanging baskets bring to space. Charming and glamorous, hanging baskets make a beautiful statement in any space. Introduce your favorite flowers in a basket along with cascading foliage and greenery and hang them in windows or on the porch and watch them mesmerize every onlooker. These permanent botanicals are some of the most heart-warming ones around and will be everywhere in 2021.

Dry Botanicals + Permanent Botanicals + Real Flowers

This is a great way to bring the best of all three worlds in a container – the rustic charm of dry botanicals, the brightness, and perfection of permanent botanicals, and the freshness and fragrance of real flowers. A complete package! Mix dry botanicals along with permanent flowers and real flowers and will get an absolutely scintillating display.

Seasonal displays

For more realism and to set the perfect tone, it is recommended that you bring in permanent botanicals that are more suited for seasonal displays. Daffodils, Tulips Camellias, Pansies, and Anemones are some of the flowers that you can display in spring whereas Lilies, Roses, Bougainvillea, Dahlia, and Sunflowers will catch the eye as summer flower displays. The best part is that you can easily store these permanent botanicals and use them again next season for a captivating display.