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Why Fake Plants and Flowers Are Back in Style

Why Fake Plants and Flowers Are Back in Style
Fake plants and flowers must be the most maligned home décor accessory of all time. They are right up there with wood paneling and velvet couches covered with plastic which you would see in your Grandma’s house. Most interior designers would advise against having them and most homeowners found them to be tacky and unfashionable. There was a collective problem with these elements – they looked too plasticky, evoked images of dull corporate lobbies and motels, and they were either too perfect or shiny to look real. That was until recently. Fake plants and flowers have emerged as one of the hottest home décor accessories in the past few years and if recent trends are to go by, their use in homes will keep rising. According to British marketing analysts Technavio, the global demand for artificial house plants is expected to grow by 4 percent a year in the next 3 years.

So, why are fake plants and flowers back in style? There are many reasons for it. But one of the biggest reasons is that artificial plants and flowers have come a long way from their seedy past, both in terms of look and feel. They were a huge turn-off because of their materials which gave away the fact that they were fake at the very first glance. This has changed.

Modern artificial plants and flowers are botanically correct specimens, handcrafted with care, and premium quality materials are used which makes them look absolutely lifelike. High-end artificial plants and flowers also blend silk which gives them a stunning look and feel. You will even come across websites offering a choice for the stem whether you want real bark or a plastic one. You can also get fire-retardant and fade-resistant faux plants and flowers which further make them safe and better suited for outdoor use as well. Simply put, faux plants and flowers these days can easily trick the eye, making them a wonderful home décor option. They are more realistic than ever.

A big reason why faux flowers and plants are back in style is due to the fact that modern homes are concrete jungles without sufficient sunlight which you might be aware is absolutely necessary for the survival of real plants. Fake plants do not require any maintenance and still look cooler than ever. Our busy lifestyle means that we can ignore fake plants and they will still look at their absolute best season after season.

There are more options when it comes to artificial plants and flowers than you think. These days you can easily find preserved foliage or preserved plants that are created by real plant life and preserved using various processes. These preserved options retain the beautiful color and freshness of real plants yet they are maintenance-free. So, you get the beautiful hues and touch of real plants in your home minus the upkeep.

Social media has also helped in mainstreaming artificial plants and flowers. You can see influencers sharing pictures of their polished apartments and refined homes featuring beautiful greenery. All the home décor pictures you see on Instagram and Pinterest feature fake plants, making the entire space feel stylish and extravagant.

Fake plants and flowers are not just good for home décor but for businesses as well. They create a highly welcoming and vibrant ambiance in the space which further attracts visitors. And the best part is that you do not have to devote time to care for them. Just the occasional dusting and you’ll have an exciting and inspiring space in no time.

As mentioned earlier, faux plants and flowers are not going anywhere. They make perfect sense by saving you time, money, and effort and give you a stunning space without any fuss. Year after year! Embrace them and watch them bring a gorgeous, artful touch to your space.