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Avoid Boxwood Blight with Realistic Faux Alternatives

Avoid Boxwood Blight with Realistic Faux Alternatives

Boxwood arrived in America way back in the 17th century and has since become the staple of our landscaping industry. It’s easy to see why. Low-maintenance plants with year-round interest, Boxwood is an excellent design plant that can take on delightful shapes and can be used for various purposes in a landscape. But, it also comes with its own set of problems. The major one being Boxwood Blight, a disease that was discovered in a Connecticut residential landscape in 2011 and has rapidly spread to other states ever since.

Consider this scenario – you have patiently waited for years for your boxwood plantings to turn into beautiful, mature hedges and to define your garden areas and borders only to see that it has developed black spots on the leaves followed by defoliation. Heart-breaking. And the worst part is, you can see your years of precious efforts and time turn to nothing as there is no treatment method once the fungal pathogen attacks the plant. So, if you’re looking for safe, year-round magical realistic faux alternatives to boxwood, then read on. Below we have compiled a few ways that will allow you to introduce boxwood in your landscaping project without any fears of boxwood blight.

Preserved Boxwood

The best way to bring real boxwood foliage in your landscape without fears of boxwood blight is through Preserved Boxwood. Preserved Boxwood accents are created from real boxwood foliage which is cleaned and specially preserved to retain its fresh color and richness and then molded into a range of styles and forms. This way you get to enjoy the refined, vibrant look of boxwood minus the disease fear and maintenance aspect. From Preserved Boxwood Wreaths to Preserved Boxwood Foliage to Preserved Boxwood Topiaries, you can find accents in various sizes and styles to suit your requirements.

Preserved Boxwood ensures that you get all the best characteristics of boxwood foliage such as the gloss on the leaves, the brilliant texture, the unmatched refreshing aura, and the sublime history of this amazing design plant without any hassles. If you’re looking to create a boxwood blight free landscape without compromising the aesthetics of the setting, then opt for Preserved Boxwood plants and topiaries. They’ll make a big statement in your landscape season after season.

Faux Boxwood

Boxwood is landscape royalty. But, it also requires too much effort and patience to work with it. Faux boxwood offers an easy way to introduce boxwood indoors as well as outdoors without any fuss. Practical, functional, and incredibly appealing, faux boxwood is all you need to create a statement-making landscape for years to come.

From artificial boxwood hedges that will help you in edging focal points in your landscape to artificial boxwood screens that will block views and provide a refreshing backdrop in the setting, from faux boxwood mats and panels that can be used to mask unsightly views in any landscape to faux boxwood topiaries that will help shape your space, there are thousands of styles and sizes available that will make your landscape so much more striking and exciting.

Fire-retardant and Fade-resistant Boxwood

If you’re looking for Boxwood foliage and accents that bring great charm along with safety and year-round appeal to your space, then opt for fire-retardant boxwood and fade-resistant boxwood. In fire-retardant boxwood elements, the foliage is blended with fire retardant chemicals which make them flame retardant and absolutely safe in case of fire. In case of fade-resistant boxwood accents, the foliage is incorporated with chemicals making them fade-resistant and ideal for outdoor use in harsh sun, wind, water, or snow.