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5 Romantic Houseplants with Heart-Shape Leaves

5 Romantic Houseplants with Heart-Shape Leaves

Whether you’re trying to decorate your home in time for Valentine’s Day or you’re just planning to introduce touches of love and romance to your décor all year-round, there are plants with mesmerizing heart-shape leaves that will help you do so. Romantically, these plants are ‘full of love’. Botanically, they’re known as ‘cordate leaves’. They’re not just for home décor, but these houseplants are simple and can be gifted to your loved one as a romantic gesture to convey your affection. And the best part about these romantic houseplants is that they’re artificial yet drop-dead gorgeous and will keep on giving joy and enjoyment season after season.

1. Anthurium



Striking exotic plants with heart-shaped, big leathery leaves, our artificial Anthurium plants with their iconic, spectacular red flowers make a big impression in any setting. Also known as Laceleaf, Tailflower & Flamingo flower, these plants are some of the most decorative and eye-catching ones that make for a great gift and an adorable addition to any room. At Silk Plants Direct, we offer faux Anthurium flower sprays in a variety of bright colors so that you can create your own special flower arrangement. We also have this beautiful houseplant in various styles and sizes to fill your space with romance.

2. Nephthytis



This heart-shaped houseplant is an absolute masterpiece and brings a lively look to a room. From introducing romance in the space to bringing drama to the setting, our artificial Nephthytis can do it all. A great way to bring a cozy look to your Valentine’s Day display or to bring a year-round rich and polished appearance to a setting, this faux Nephthytis plant will create a space full of love. Apart from the usual artificial Nephthytis plant and bush, we offer a stunning Nephthytis hanging bush that will add even more charm and grace to your display.

3. Cyclamen


Our faux Cyclamen flowering plants have to be some of the prettiest and attractive plants around. They’re incredibly alluring, unique and absolutely gorgeous accents that can be gifted to your loved one or kept in your bedroom to set the perfect mood. From their heart-shaped leaves to one-of-a-kind, lovely blooms, these faux Cyclamen flowers add brilliant color and can beautify in any room in your home. From red to cream-white, cream-purple to beauty, we have fake Cyclamen flower plants in a variety of colors and styles that will make your display absolutely special and unforgettable.

4. Hoya


Yet another somewhat cordate-leaf plant, Hoya plants are simple and elegant and bring wonderfully lively colors to a space. No matter where you display them, these plants will stand out in the setting and bring great energy with them. Incredibly adorable, our artificial Hoya plants come in a variety of colors, forms and styles and will simply light up any space. If you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, then look no further than these. It doesn’t get more graceful than Hoya!

5. Peace Lily

peace lily

Also known as Spathiphyllum, Peace Lily plants are incredibly popular houseplants that bring a wonderfully cozy appeal to any setting. A great gift for Valentine’s Day and beyond, our artificial Peace Lily plants are known for their rich and lively appeal and enhance any space with their presence. These faux Peace Lily plants are highly versatile ornamentals that will spruce up not just your Valentine’s Day décor but will add touches of romance and love to your space season after season.