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Are Artificial Plants Good for Feng Shui?

Are Artificial Plants Good for Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art, emphasizes on the positive role that plants play in our lives. They enhance the energy in a space and also represent growth and a new beginning. They cultivate human kindness and compassion and can make any space or room more therapeutic. But since real plants are a hassle and in modern lifestyle it is increasingly becoming impossible to nurture them, many homeowners are turning to faux plants. And so the question arises, are artificial plants good for Feng Shui? The simple answer to the question is a resounding yes. Yes, artificial plants are acceptable in Feng Shui and won’t do any harm to the energy and vibes of your home. 

Yes, a living plant brings gain and happiness from care and nurturing that goes into it, but our busy lifestyle means that the plants do not receive the care and nurturing that is required and it ultimately withers away. On the other hand, artificial plants do not require any care, bring great color and interest to the space and boosts the aesthetic tranquility in it. Simply put, it is much better to have an artificial plant than a dying real one. 

Not all plants will end up being good for Feng Shui. For instance, spiky succulents such as cactus are bad for Feng Shui because they have a ‘pointy’ or ‘spiky’ energy. Instead, opt for lush, full plants such as ferns or palms that will bring a positive visual energy to the setting. A Bamboo Tree symbolizes growth and has its place in Feng Shui. So, opt for a faux Bamboo Tree to your space which will not only bring a breezy appeal to your space but enhance Feng Shui. 

Color is also very important in Feng Shui as it helps in energizing the room. Hence, you could also add some artificial flowers or faux flower plants to your space that will enhance your space and the environment. Introducing artificial plants or flowers that are smooth and colorful will brighten up your mood and create a lovely interior space. 

Color placement is absolutely key in Feng Shui and as such you need to balance natural light in your space. Placing artificial plants and flowers in a space full of natural light will not just add to the appeal but will bring great energy to the space. For this, you’ll need to bring in outdoor plants that are fade-resistant and can withstand harsh sun without fading away. 

Even though you’re having artificial plants in your home which do not need regular upkeep, they will need a little dusting and cleaning from time to time. Dirty plants will eliminate the positive energy and cleaning your faux plants regularly will only add to the liveliness and charm of your space. Some dusting and wiping will enhance the Feng Shui in your home and will give you a highly soothing space. 

If you’re still not convinced of the role of artificial plants in Feng Shui and cannot keep real plants alive, then the next best option is Preserved plants and foliage. Created from real plants, preserved foliage is cleaned and specially preserved to retain its fresh color and richness. So, you are bringing in real plants in your space which just don’t require constant maintenance. Win-win. 

To sum it up, faux plants are not bad for Feng Shui. They do make your Feng Shui adjustment more effective, but artificial plants too do a great job in creating a soothing and refreshing design scheme.