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Top Ten Silk Plants to Bring Home This Year

Top Ten Silk Plants to Bring Home This Year

Adorning your home with gorgeous plants – well that’s a wonderful idea! But, what makes you refrain from it is the thought of the trouble you’d face in maintaining them. We understand, with your super-hectic schedules, you cannot find time to water the plants every day or to ensure that they get the right amount of sunlight.

Well, this is where artificial plants come to your rescue. Trust these plants to elevate the charm of your space, and all’s well because they do not need maintenance! What more could you ask for? Although these are not a replacement for natural plants, these silk plants are as close to the real thing as possible.

Go ahead; install these plants anywhere, be it on the floor, the ceiling or even on your windows, and they will look amazingly natural. These are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and, sizes to suit your diverse tastes. Choose the perfect one, which will blend seamlessly with your interiors and you are done! Trust these artificial plants to make your space aesthetic and rejoice because they will never wilt! No doubt, this is going to be a rewarding investment.

Not just that, apart from beautifying your own homes with seemingly natural splendor, these make for excellent gifts for your loved ones for occasions like house warming. It will be a thoughtful gift that’ll they will cherish.

So, let’s have a quick look at the 10 best fake plants that look too real:

1. Artificial Ficus Bush

This is one of the best artificial plants for home décor, whether it’s your home or workspace. The leaves have a color gradient, which makes them look beautiful and vibrant. The foliage of the plant differs in size and shape, giving it a natural feel. It is extremely easy to maintain and clean, all you have to do is some light dusting, occasionally.

2. Artificial Aeonium plants

These handcrafted plants are composed of polyethylene which makes them super soft and supple. Place them anywhere, in your drawing room, on your dining table, or even in your garden, and these rich, bright plants will look ravishing! Also, there are numerous colored variants to choose from as per your aesthetic preferences.

3. Artificial Fern plants

Artificial fern plants are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor décor. Hang them anywhere and allow them to fall gracefully or place them in beautiful pots - they look amazing both ways. These are incorporated with detailing such as moss and ivy making them look as natural as possible. Don’t worry about removing the dried or overgrown foliage as in the case of natural ferns.

4. Artificial Cactus bushes

Cactuses are cute and eye-catching, no doubt, but the thorns in them are a potential hazard if you wish to keep the natural ones at your place. That’s where artificial cactuses come handy. Their compact size makes them ideal for decorating spaces like shelves, desks, counters, and windowsills. It is best to place these plants in pots of lighter shades, in contrast to the color of the plant which is of a darker hue. There are several variants to choose from, Aloe, Agave, Churro cactus and, Barrel cactus to name a few.

5. Artificial Fiddle leaf fig tree

Are we looking for the best fake plant for your living room? Fiddle leaf fig tree is just the right choice. With its beautiful leaves fanning out in different heights and directions these look so real that your guests will have a hard time guessing if its real or not! The plants are around 6 feet in height, which makes them look like artwork, adding a dramatic appeal to your space.

6. Artificial Shuheng mini potted grass

These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. There are different leaf styles like boxwood, lavender, grass, etc. The pots are composed of paper pulp, giving it a very natural look. It is perfect for spaces like your dining table, kitchen cabinets, study desk, showcase, etc.

7. Artificial Pothos plants

When it comes to artificial hanging plants, you simply cannot miss the pothos plant! The dangling vines and lazily erratic growth make them different and unique. It adds lushness and depth to your spaces.

Think of artificial Pothos as a blessing if you do not have enough floor space to accommodate decorations, as you can hang them anywhere in a solo or a more attractive symmetrical fashion.

Their thick leaves and grooved stems impart a wild flair which almost imitates nature! While the original pothos plants are known to be toxic for kids and pets, these artificial versions are absolutely safe.

8. Faux Succulents

Succulents look full and lively no doubt, but maintaining them can be quite a task. Don’t worry, and you have faux succulents! These are designed with plastic or Styrofoam and believe us, and they look as good as the real ones. Place them in beautiful ceramic bases, and they will look fresh and lovely all the time.

9. Silk palm trees

Want to add some fresh tropical feel to your home and workspace? Silk palm trees are what you need! These are undoubtedly the most alluring artificial plants that you can choose for home décor.

You have numerous exotic variants like Areca palm, assorted palm, coconut palm, bamboo palm to choose from. With a wooden trunk and plastic foliage, these trees look almost close to the real ones.

10. Artificial succulent wreaths

Their beautiful assortment and compact size make them ideal for decorative and festive purposes. Hang them anywhere, and they look lovely and pleasing to the eyes. Choose from an array of vibrant colors ranging from burnished red to cool greens.

So, this was a list of the 10 best artificial plants, exclusively for people who love greenery but lack a green thumb. Though no amount of technology can beat the natural plants and its splendor, you will love to settle for something very close to it, which involves almost zero maintenance and daily care!