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Why Use Silk Flowers Over Real Flowers for Home Décor?

Why Use Silk Flowers Over Real Flowers for Home Décor?

A home bursting with joy and warmth appeals to your senses the moment you walk right in. But, do you ever wonder which elements make a home joyous and tranquil at the same time? Yes, the mood and personality of the member inhabiting a room matter a lot, but so does the décor of the room. So how do you add an instant splash of friendliness and warmth? Bring home flowers; let's edit it, bring home some ‘artificial fresh-looking flowers’!

If you aren’t convinced about abandoning the natural gifts of nature for the faux ones, then let’s try hard:

1. Real Flowers Will Leave You After A Few Days; Silk Ones Stay On

Not all beautiful things last long. And natural flowers will wither away very soon. Yes, natural flowers have an old school charm associated with them, but if exposed to harsh weather, they will die away within a day! So do you think hunting out the best stalks of flowers which will add elegance to your home for a day or two is worth your time and effort?

So, think the quirky way, and say hello to the latest trend of artificial flowers for home decoration. The moment you set your eyes on these too-good-to-be-fake flowers made of silk, you would be happy to bless them with their love and care, though they don’t need any of either!

2. Silk flowers don’t cause allergies

Flower allergies are more common than you think, and if you find yourself sneezing or coughing in the presence of natural flowers, then need we say more? Also, pets are allergic to certain flowers of natural origin. So if your house has pets, why put those cuties under danger?

When can you add high-quality silk flowers to your décor and beautify it, why invest in temporary flowers?

Natural flowers tend to attract insects and pests which can lead to diseases and infections. So it’s better to embrace the goodness of the best looking flowering trees and prevent your loved ones from the lurking pests.

3. Silk flowers are Available in of a ton unimaginable designs and forms

Artificial flowers are not only imitations of fresh flowers, No, but there is also a lot more to them. Most artificial flower manufacturers offer silk flowers in the either as individual stalks, as bunches, or in the form of pre-designed patterns.

Don’t believe it? How about we tell you that artificial silk flowers can acquire the shape of an exotic bird of paradise flower?

Set your eyes on it, and the flowers will seem to be a colorful bird with a pointed beak looking out for its prey!

And that’s not it, from silk plants can be looked for a birds nest or a bird itself to resembling a natural snapdragon flower aka dog flower; the list is endless.

These products created with innovation that one look at it and someone might mistake it to be a real bird

4. Touch and feel the difference and share your thoughts

If you think that natural flowers can give you the real feel while silk flowers give an artificial sensation, then think again! If you are buying it online, you would have to trust yourself judge the quality of the product. Although natural flowers look all fresh and lively, they tend to lose out their fragrance and beauty almost minutes after you pluck them.

Silk flowers made with high-end materials and employing best artists are great to look at and speak of elegance and class. If you ask why then close your eyes and feel the fine fabric of the silk flowers. But how will you make out whether the silk is pure or blended?

• Start by touching the petals of the artificial flower. See whether your hands can bump upon a velvety surface.

• Another silk flower you should definitely choose are the ones with translucent petals. Take a close look at it and see whether it has been dyed several times; another striking feature of a high-quality silk flower.

If you have eyes for the flower stalks with leaves, inspect the color and gradient of the leaves. Natural markings or attributes like thorns should be present if the artificial flower is the complete imitation of the natural one.

The texture, color, and quality are rare to find in natural flowers, and even if you find it, you will lose it the next day!

5. Artificial ones are better than real, don’t listen to myths

If you heard anyone tell you how artificial flowers are tacky, shut them up. Nowadays, artificial flowers are designed to reflect the intricate detailing of natural flowers. If you take a close look at the base of the stalk, you will find an outer sheath attached to make it look like a natural potted plant.

If you are going for tall silk plants, you should see and feel the realistic marks even on the underside of the leaves if you have envied colorful natural plants which you couldn’t bring it home, then artificial variants but colorful ones will fulfill your wishes.

Contrary to what you believe, silk plants produced by weaving silkiest threads always sport realistic colors.

6. Cut, trim, modify - do anything with these plants

To beautify the décor of your house, use the silk flowers anyhow you like. For example, you can trim the tallest flowers to arrange them in a vase or mingle different lengths flower stalks to add quirky elements. You can even bend the stalks or cut it with a wire cutter. As for the flowers, you can either use it as a whole or use the petals.


The best perks of using silk flowers are that it offers a lot of flexibility to the users and they wouldn’t even mind if you play with them! If you have tried it, this is the best time to bring them home and see your house getting warmer and joyous.

A happy home is decorating to you with these colorful stalks of life!