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Super Cool Living Room Décor Ideas for Young Couples

Super Cool Living Room Décor Ideas for Young Couples

Are you one of the young couples living on their own as a nuclear family? You may have either rented out a manageably sized apartment or bought one. It’s time for you to decorate it well and to your taste. The houses of young couples have a look very different from the homes of well-settled couples. For one, there is less number of items in the house as they have just begun their journey together. It is also because nowadays both partners are working. They are out most of the day and prefer not to invest too much on the house décor.

Why should you begin decorating the Living Room first?

But, here are some super cool décor ideas that they can use in the living room to make the house into a home. Start with the living room where you probably enter into the first while returning home from work and see it last while going off to work. Thus, it’s important to have a pleasant look and feel of the room. It stays in memory for a long time.

Let’s go into each aspect of the living room one by one.


The living room should have bright light as well as arrangements for diffused and soft lighting. You will need the bright lights on a day to day basis. The diffused lights are excellent for a romantic evening together or an evening gathering with young friends. Fix them as small led bulbs in a false ceiling or inside shelves of cabinets in the room.

Allow natural sunlight into the room during the day too. Hang some pendant lights to highlight planters or unique curios you may have placed somewhere.


Bring in nature into the living room. Place some silk flower arrangements on the center table or on top of a cabinet in the living room. You may think about how to place a lighted palm tree in a living room? Keep it for that classy and elegant look at one corner of the room and see it become the spotlight during any social gathering. Young couples may wonder about which flowering trees to keep in the living room. You can place lots of colorful silk flowers in a vase, tall and lucky bamboo palm, a twig of a larkspur flower or pretty sweet pea flower in a pot.

Walls, Floor, and Ceiling

There are certain colors and their hues which go well in homes of young couples. Paint one of the walls as a deep shade of pink or purple. Purple enhances the attractiveness of a person and shades of pink increase connections of the heart. Use lemon, cream, white, and off white for the other walls and the ceiling. Have led bulbs fixed on the ceiling.

Fix cream or off white tiles on the floor. Avoid a wooden floor as the heavy footfall in this room may make it difficult o maintain the flooring. Place colorful or patterned rugs on the floor. It adds warmth to the room.


Use soft shades of pink and green with a combination of creams and off whites. These colors are great for a young couple. Hang sheer curtains on the windows and allow filtered light is coming in during the day. These drapes are also a great idea if a gentle breeze enters the living room. It keeps the room looking and smelling fresh throughout.


Apart from the seating, you may require for the guests, make sure to place a comfortable double seater in the living room. The furniture should have round edges but shaped rectangular or square. Avoid sharp-cornered furniture pieces. Place some red cushions here and there. Red is a color for young hearts. Keep a pair of bean bags to relax on while watching the television together or simply listening to music.

Make special nooks where you can sit in a twosome. It could be a special corner for breakfast or evening together. It could be a space for just relaxing and reading a book together. Place this arrangement next to the windows where you can look outside as well. Place a rug large enough to take both the seats and a little table to mark off space as special.

Décor Items

The best décor item for a young couple is a collection of photographs. Frame them in various frames and sizes. Make a collage on one of the walls. Highlight one wall with a large photo of the wedding. It will keep the couple together for long. Use golden or red frames for the wall hangings. Place a pair of lovebirds in the West. Hang the knot of infinity for eternal love.

Place large mirrors on the wall to reflect the cozy sitting arrangements. Place candle stands and scented candles on the side boards or side tables. Light them up in the evening for a fragranced room.

Reading Nook

Keep a shelf, rack, or glass door cabinet to store your precious books and magazines. Have comfortable seats like bean bags or cushioned armchairs to sit and read something together. Keep a planter or two with some flowers or plants in them. Place a tall and decorative reading lamp to give you enough light to read comfortably. You could also hang the decorative pull down reading light from the ceiling. Just bring it down when needed. Place a colorful ethnic rug under this arrangement.

Music & Entertainment

Panel a part of the wall and fix the television on it. Also, fix the music system here for use in quiet moments together as well as during a boisterous dance party with friends. Make sure that there are no extra and loose wires hanging around to spoil the looks. Tuck and pin them up.

Decorating your living room could be quite a task s it’s the first time that you are doing it. There could also be constraints of budget and space. Yet, innovate and decorate the living room. Let it be a true reflection of your personality tastefully done.