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The Spookiest Faux Plants for Halloween

The Spookiest Faux Plants for Halloween

When you think about plants, the reaction is typically accompanied by words like refreshing, lively and pleasant. But there are plants that are suited to create an entirely different vibe. We have an entire collection of spooky faux plants that will help you create a thematic display just in time for Halloween. Put a spotlight on weird, outlandish plants with this very on-brand line of faux greenery designed to create the ideal witchy, ghoulish décor. Below are some of the spookiest faux plants for Halloween.

Faux Chinese Lantern

The signature bulbs of Chinese Lantern plant are bright pumpkin-orange and fit in perfectly with Halloween décor. Like nature’s own Jack-O-Lantern, these thematic accents have skinny, crooked wooden stems that will blend perfectly with your wicked composition.

Artificial Spider Lily

Featuring showy umbels of funnel-shaped flowers on naked stems, Spider Lily looks absolutely spooky with its long, curvy stamens, and thin petals. These flowers come in white, violet, and bright orange colors, giving you the option to create either bright, festive arrangements or more subtle, shadowy displays that won’t stand out too much against the rest of your design.

Faux Black Pearl Beads Spray

A highly unusual flowering plant with strings of beads, this spray looks absolutely menacing in a dark black color and as a part of a Halloween décor. Whether you’re looking to add some darkness to your décor or simply want an unusual, alien-like flowering plant to add to your décor, look no further than this quirky flower.

Artificial Venus Flytrap

In the 1960 horror comedy film – Little Shop of Horrors, a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh is a crossbreed of the classic Venus Flytrap and Butterwort. One of the most evil-looking plants around, the Venus Flytrap is known for its carnivorous eating habits and will be perfectly at home in your Halloween décor. Featuring the ‘trap’ made of two hinged lobes at the end of each leaf and hair-like projections on the inner surface of the lobe, the Venus Flytrap is as ghoulish as they come.

Fake Spider Plant

A popular houseplant with a creepy-crawly name, the Spider plant has slender, gently arching leaves and can easily be a big part of your Halloween decoration. With spidery plants  dangling down from higher displays, you can achieve eye-catching texture to make your décor a little unsettling. 

Faux Dragon Fruit Arrangement

This Dragon Fruit arrangement may not qualify as “spooky”, but it is festive enough to fit in amongst Halloween decorations. Featuring a brilliant red-yellow flower, this flowering plant is freaky and will shine through your Halloween display.