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How to Decorate Your Artificial Christmas Tree in 7 Steps

How to Decorate Your Artificial Christmas Tree in 7 Steps

Christmas is a time full of joy, and decorating the Christmas Tree is one of the most iconic ceremonies of the holiday season. In fact, it’s a time-honored tradition in many households - it’s a wonderful activity where the entire family can pitch in and put up ornaments, garlands, lights and more to create a delightfully festive display. Decorating an artificial Christmas Tree is good fun, but creating a holiday tree that expresses your personality, style, and heritage can be more challenging. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your artificial Christmas Tree - here are a few ways to create a memorable and eye-catching display.

Step 1 - Type of Christmas Tree

Before you start making a plan to decorate your Christmas Tree, you need to decide the type of Christmas Tree you will bring home. There are many options beyond standard Fir Christmas Trees, including artificial Pine Christmas Trees, faux Spruce Christmas Trees, and faux Cypress Christmas Trees. There are tons of options available in various sizes and styles so pick the one which you think is perfect for your home.

Step 2 – Christmas Tree Theme

Once you’ve picked the right Christmas Tree for your home, the next step is to zero-in on a theme. Would you like to create a classic Christmas Tree? Or do you want a rustic theme with a farmhouse vibe? Or do you want a minimalist display with a small tree? Based on the theme or color combinations, your lights, ornaments and garlands will vary.

Step 3 – Gather Decorations and Ready the Tree

Once you know the type and theme of your artificial Christmas Tree, the next step is to gather all your decorations. Fluff all the branches on the tree and ensure that it is standing straight from top to bottom. You need to make sure that the top half of the tree is not leaning in any way. Be ready with your lights, and other decorations including supplies like ornament hooks, wire snips, scissors, floral wire and more.

Step 4 – Start from the Top

Decide what goes on the top of the tree – a star, angel etc. Once you have finalized it, make sure that you combine it with picks, ribbons etc., for a more striking display. Then move on to different layers.

Step 5 – Hang the Christmas Tree Lights

This is the most fun part – illuminating your Christmas Tree. Choose the color strand of your choice, start at the base of the trunk and circle it clockwise. Ensure that you wrap lights around every major branch. You can mix and match lights to give it a dynamic look and we recommend you keep experimenting with different lighting schemes until you create a look you love.

Step 6 – Add Christmas Tree Garlands

When it comes to adding garlands to your artificial Christmas Tree, start from the top and increase the amount of garlands between each wave. To avoid an overly busy look, use about two strands of garland for every vertical foot of the tree. Make use of a variety of garlands from simple to fancy ones.

Step 7 – Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorating your artificial Christmas Tree concludes by hanging ornaments. To better showcase your favorite ornaments, put them in the prime location first and then move to others. Make sure that you spread bigger ornaments in order to avoid a busy and cluttered look. Larger ornaments go at the bottom whereas smaller ones should be at the top.