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Fun Ways to Design with Colored Succulents

Fun ways to Design with Colored Succulents

Succulents are some of the most popular modern indoor plants, with exotic colors, shapes and sometimes alien looking structures that make for a stunning addition to any interior design. Easy to maintain and style, succulents can boost curb appeal in any room instantly. Here are a few fun ways to design with colored succulents that will take your space to a next-level modern aesthetic in no time.


The easiest and most common way of displaying any plant is by placing it in a planter. If you’re a newbie, then you can invest in a small, simple plant container and place it along your bedside table. If you’re looking for creative planters, then opt for berry baskets or sealed wooden cups and bowls. You can combine all your colorful succulents and create a beautiful succulent garden centerpiece. Another trendy way to present your succulents is in miniature bird cages hung from the ceiling to create an eye-catching display.


The best way to describe terrarium is a ‘plant aquarium’. Also referred to as a garden under glass, terrarium makes for a wonderful display and can be created at home in less than an hour using few inexpensive materials. Ideal for display in compact spaces, you can cluster different succulents of various colors and sizes in a glass container, add some gravel, activated charcoal, potting mix, sheet moss and you’re done!

Succulent Wall Trays or Succulent Hanging Gardens

Perfect for small spaces, hanging gardens are chic, trendy, and can brighten up any ordinary space with their presence. And when colorful succulents are involved, they are sure to spice up any interior space instantly. An easy and fun DIY project, succulent wall trays can be built easily and require very little maintenance. Start with a shallow box, secure wire meshing across the top and then use soil and moss to hold your succulents together. These trays can be hung on walls that receive bright, direct light.


From open shelves to book shelves to empty corners, there is so much space which colorful succulents can beautify in no time. Depending on the space available and how whimsical you choose to be, you can display them in teacups, tea tins, mason jars and more. No matter what container you choose, succulents will ensure cute shelves and tidy corners wherever they go.