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Spruce Up Your Seasonal Décor with Long-Lasting Trees

Spruce Up Your Seasonal Décor with Long-Lasting Trees

Seasonal Décor adds warmth, liveliness, and a welcoming tone to your commercial space. When implemented with architectural design in mind, interior or exterior landscaping becomes integral to the visual and sensory experience. Artificial Trees, in particular, Christmas Trees, are a wonderful way to incorporate a natural element to your space, adding a vertical dimension to your holiday scene. And if you want trees that actually look like trees, you have come to the right place!

As landscape designers, Commercial Silk approaches every tree design with the utmost respect for botanical accuracy and a creative desire to make a strong impact with every project. We design trees for indoor and outdoor use, using premium foliage materials that are safe, fire and UV resistant and unmatched in quality by any other manufacturer. Our ThermaLeaf® (indoor) and PermaLeaf® (outdoor) foliage is alive by design, low maintenance and long lasting.

Artificial Christmas Trees have been gaining in popularity for a good reason. While the original fake trees were made from feathers, plastic or metal in the US and Germany, the Artificial Trees by Commercial Silk Int’l are perfect for the holidays as well as year-round use. Made with the finest materials, the trees are incredibly lifelike, provide natural color, add texture, and a very real arboreal feel. Additionally, they are sustainable, reusable, and environmentally safe.

Whether you prefer old-world charm for the holidays or a natural-looking seasonal scheme, we offer a variety of options to match your commercial design and company brand. We can customize our trees, add lighting if needed and offer design assistance as well. We offer a variety of trees, including Pine, Spruce, and Cedar and Birch options. Find your ideal Christmas and Holiday Tree today!

Scotch Pine Tree

Scotch Pine Tree

The perfect “Christmas Tree” is the one and only Scotch Pine Tree. With beautiful upward boughs and dark green needle foliage, this handcrafted pine represents the most common Christmas tree in the US. This tree has the traditional holiday tree shape, ready for ornamentation and lights. Made by our skilled artists, designers, and engineers, you will be delighted when you add a scotch pine artificial christmas tree to your holiday scenes, outdoor or indoor landscape designs, and anywhere you want to add coziness!

White Pine Tree

white pine tree

The White Pine has an airy, less dense foliage, longer needles, and has a unique natural appearance. Commonly grown in the Midwest and Eastern US, the White Pine is a staple in Christmas displays and seasonal decors. Created with vibrant green needles, perfectly placed branches, and boughs, and an ultimately life-like appearance, the white pine christmas tree is an excellent selection for outdoorsy and holiday themes.

Rocky Mountain Pine

If you are looking for something cute and compact, our smaller version of the Artificial Rocky Mountain Pine also stands upright and strong with beautiful faux needle foliage representative of its namesake tree. With perfectly placed branches and adorable needle bunches, this tree can be a well-placed Christmas Tree, accent other trees or add to your outdoor holiday-themed décor.

Long Needle Pine

Long Needle Pine tree

Don’t rule out long needle pine trees this Christmas! Our Long Needle Pine trees add flair and feathery greenery, with a natural design element. Identical to the native trees grown in the southeastern US, our Long Needle Pine Tree is a perfect replica, with a botanically accurate appearance, and a natural-looking trunk for authenticity. These pretty long needle artificial Christmas trees are available in a range of sizes including 4’ to 8’ trees. This is an excellent option to add greenery, softness and tons of country charm to your Holiday landscape.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce tree

Spruce Trees make great Christmas Trees, and the Norway version is no different. Defined branches and boughs will showcase ornaments or lights very well while maintaining the shape and stature of the tree. Beautiful green needle foliage, short and feathery with a trunk with texturized bark, provides a realistic vision and creative depth to your design. This Scandinavian tree will have you hollering “God Jul” in no time!

Sequoia Tree

You may not think of the Sequoia Tree when choosing your holiday décor, but this tree will add a great outdoor look and feel, an authentic tree appearance, and greenery to dress up your space! This tree evokes a western landscape design, for a mountain holiday retreat look with the beauty of a timeless tree. With evergreen ferns like boughs and a slimmer profile, the Sequoia Tree is a unique smaller option that will make a big impression.

Cedar Tree

cedar tree

The Cedar Tree has biblical mentions and is symbolic for strength, prayers and eternity. As an ideal Christmas tree or Holiday landscape option, the Cedar is versatile and joyful. Crafted in the iconic shape, natural in appearance with flat leafed boughs and well-toned greenery, the artificial cedar Christmas tree will accent your landscape of snow, lights and holiday arrangements beautifully.

Cedar Cypress

Cedar Cypress topiary

Have you ever considered a topiary Christmas tree? This is a great way to utilize a versatile, year-round tree, full of color and natural appeal in your holiday décor design. The Artificial Cedar Cypress Style topiary will beautifully accent entryways, walkways, outdoor patio spaces and more for the full holiday experience. Our Cedar Cypress Topiary tapers slightly towards the top, creating a nice evergreen shape with lush foliage. This Christmas tree selection offers a more manicured look that will last for years!

Limber Pine Blue

Make a statement this season with our artificial Limber Pine Tree in a stunning smoky blue color! Silky medium-length needles on perfectly placed boughs of blue, the artificial Limber Pine has an upright, strong and bright appearance, with a rustic style trunk to add texture and structure to the pine. The Limber Pine hails from the western US and Canada, perfect for a snowy chalet Christmas theme or holidays in the hills! This tree is perfect in every way!

Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce, native to the Rocky Mountain region, makes fabulous Christmas trees and holiday landscape accents. An impressively tall specimen, the Colorado Spruce tree has life-like needle foliage, with an organic, rugged shape, typical of the Rocky Mountains. Accent this tree with lights, large ornaments or an accenting garland throughout the branches. Offering structure and height to your holiday design as well, this Spruce will make an impression!

Winter Birch

One of the most attractive trees for interior and exterior design currently is the Winter Birch Tree. This native hardwood tree is widely known for its striking white bark and is a favorite amongst designers. Made with real wood and authentic bark, this Birch Tree is an exact replica of what you would find on a snowy walk through the forest, adding an accent of coziness to your landscape. Add the fake Birch Tree for a winter wonderland experience!

Umbrella Pine

Are you looking for a new inspiration when it comes to Christmas trees and holiday design? Native to Japan, Umbrella Pines are ancient trees, with pine boughs that grown into an umbrella shape. True to life and full of texture, this unique pine can inspire a Japanese Winter scene and give support to larger hanging ornaments or décor. The Umbrella Pine has arboreal appeal, an outdoorsy feel and Asian inspiration. Try something new!

Privet Italian Cypress

Picture this tree on an outdoor patio with a fire to warm up nearby or in an indoor courtyard, with holiday-themed lighting, displays and more! The artificial Italian Cypress Style Privet is a uniquely shaped topiary tree, with distinct foliage, and a truly lifelike natural appearance. Another unique way to add to your indoor and outdoor spaces, consider the Italian Cypress topiaries for your Tuscan Christmas today!

Privet Cypress

A more traditional topiary option is the Privet Cypress Style evergreen. Treasured and cherished for centuries, the topiary is a natural fit for intentional designs, indoors and outdoors, versatile enough to use for many holiday themes. Starting at 4 feet, and available as tall as 26 feet, the faux Cypress Style Topiaries will add visual interest with softness, and texture of a full-grown evergreen. Simply a perfect choice!

Boxwood Cypress

This artificial Boxwood Cypress Style Topiary is tidy, trendy and chic! Designed by Commercial Silk Int'l., for indoor and outdoor spaces, the Cypress has dense foliage and a natural appearance. Perfect for lighting and an abundance of small ornaments, this Christmas tree option can extend through many seasons. Versatile in a variety of holiday themes, consider this compact Cypress for your Christmas tree selection.

All of our trees are available for custom orders and we offer design assistance as well. Contact us to get your Christmas and Holiday season tree design ordered today!