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Blue Home Decor Ideas - Tips to Decorate Your Room with Blue

Blue Home Decor Ideas - Tips to Decorate Your Room with Blue

Similar to green, blue is also a color that is associated with the outdoors. Blue skies, blue oceans, it’s a color associated with nature. As such blue is described by many as calm and serene and as seen as a color of reliability. That’s the reason it is used extensively by technology companies in their brand identity. One of the most popular colors, blue is an overwhelming choice as a favorite color of the majority of people. Hence, it is seen in most home décor. When it comes to interior design, blue works brilliantly with every other color and can be used in any decorating theme. If you’re looking to bring this gorgeous color in your décor, then there are a billion ways to do it.

Blue is Seen in Most Home Décor

However, there are a few ways in how to do blue right. Here they are -

Blue Paint

blue wall paint

    The most obvious way to bring blue in your home décor is by applying blue paint on the walls of your bedroom or living room. When it comes to the living room, you can opt for dark blue shades or even navy which looks extremely chic and make your décor so dramatic and moody. If you’re looking for a blue shade for your bedroom, then soft, mid-tone blue is just about the right one to bring a relaxing feel to the setting. Blue is one of the most popular bedroom colors which will ensure you a dreamy space.

    Blue Wallpaper

    blue wallpaper for walls

      This is yet another obvious yet popular way to introduce blue in your décor. Floral wallpaper has always been a big favorite in households and blue wallpaper in striking patterns, bold colors and brilliant texture will bring a great character and personality to any space. The easiest way to give any room a fresh new look in no time, blue floral wallpapers are known to make any space more eye-catching.

      Blue Flower Arrangements

      blue flowers

        The most inexpensive and long-lasting way to bring blue in your interior design is by introducing some artificial blue flower arrangements to the setting. This works best if you’re looking to add little blue flourishes in your space rather than covering big/whole areas with the color. Blue colored faux flowers pack a delightful punch and make for a special, engaging addition to any space. From artificial blue Hydrangeas to silk blue Orchids, blue faux Daisies to blue colored fake Lilacs and Lavenders, there are so many adorable options available that will give you a spectacular display.

        Blue with Other Color Combinations

        • Red – White – Blue

        It doesn’t get more patriotic than this. A classic decorating color scheme, red blue and white colors in any room will show your American pride and at the same time will bring a sumptuous look to the setting. The palette which is suited to Union Jack and Uncle Sam, this color combination is extremely striking and cool and will give you a striking décor.
        • Blue – Orange 

        Blue and orange is a fantastic combo that can be used in a living room. Blue becomes your primary color which brings a sense of warmth and coziness to the setting whereas hints of orange give the room a zesty finishing touch. The color scheme works wonderfully well in tandem and is known to bring a warm and welcoming feel to any setting.
        • Blue – Green

        As mentioned before, both these colors are symbolic of nature and work together brilliantly in harmony. They have a natural, soothing appeal and make for a perfect backdrop. You can use one or the other on walls and can bring in accents of the other color for a relaxing, happy vibe. If you want to bring a soothing touch to your bedroom, then stick with pastels. If you want to bring a more dramatic, moody vibe, then go for a darker blue and stronger lime green for a bright yet striking look. You can cover your wall with blue and introduce lime green curtains, bedding, accent pillows, etc for a lively design scheme.

        No other color comes close to the popularity of blue. No matter how or where you use it in your home décor it is consistently peaceful and refreshing. From adding drama to the setting of bringing in a glamorous look and feel, blue is a bold hue and brings so much warmth to any space. The above guide is a simple yet effective one which will allow you to decorate your rooms with blue in the most perfect way. It has an irresistible charm and flair which cannot be replicated with any other color. Bring it in your home interiors in one way or the other and you will get a highly stylish, stimulating space.