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7 Cheap Ways to Update Kitchen on Budget

7 Cheap Ways to Update Kitchen on Budget

Kitchen is the space where the cook practices his/her culinary art. And since you will be spending most of the time there cooking (surprise, surprise), the kitchen design is centered around that activity. As this is the space where you express your taste in your art, the space itself shouldn’t be short of magical. It should have all the hallmarks of your personal style. This is also the space where you spend time with your friends and family. So, why not update it and give it a shade or layers of your personality? We’ve listed down a few tried and tested, quick and easy tips on updating your kitchen décor that will be worthy of a glossy, home décor magazine or Pinterest boards.

  • Focal Point

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    Every room, be it kitchen or living room, needs a focal point. The focal point is something which will catch the visitor’s eye when they walk in for the first time. Ask yourself, what do I want my visitors to notice first when they walk into the kitchen? Will a large art piece make for a visually stimulating presence? Or will a bold, textured wallpaper around create an impression? Or is it come exotic, large flower arrangement or large unique tree that will take their breath away? The focal point should be unique and breath-taking.
  • Fruits and Flowers

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    A bountiful kitchen always makes for a spectacular, cheerful one. And what better way to bring this look than introducing fruits and flower displays in the space? Real ones will cost you a lot on an ongoing basis, therefore invest in some faux fruits and artificial flower arrangements which will give you a strikingly colorful display season after season. Bowls of faux pomegranates, apples, grapes etc and glass vases full of exotic faux Orchids, Roses, Sunflowers etc will bring bright, happy vibes to the setting.
  • Bold and Moody Hues

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    The easiest way to introduce bold and moody hues in any space is through accessories. And nothing brings color and appeal to a space more than artificial flower arrangements. They’re hassle-free, inexpensive, fun elements which will make a striking impact in the décor. Deep blues, cozy maroons, rich yellows will bring bold and moody vibe to the setting in no time. There are so many faux flower centerpieces available in different colors, styles and varieties that will enliven any design scheme and bring a timeless appeal.
  • Paint 

    kitchen paint
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    Paint is the quickest and most efficient way to update the kitchen décor without undertaking a big renovation project. From flooring to cabinets to ceiling, paint will make a big change in the look and feel of your setting. You can start with painting the ceiling. No matter what color you choose, make sure that you have some white walls to strike an even balance. If you’re planning to paint your cabinets, make sure that you go half and half for a high-contrast look. A palette of white and black, blue and green, gray and yellow work brilliantly. If you’re planning to give new life to your old, weary wood floors, the paint is the best way to go. Soft blue, light gray and white classic choices.
  • Lighting

    kitchen lighting
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    Fancy, chic lighting options will take your kitchen to the next level without making a dent in your pocket. Stylish pendant lights will add interest to the setting and can become the new focal point of the setting. If you can make room for some more lighting fixtures, then swing-arm sconces are ideal. A great way to bring lovely, ambient light to the setting, they will also bring a nice personality and warmth to the design scheme.
  • Chalkboard

    We highly recommend you dedicate some wall for chalkboard paint. An inexpensive and dramatic way to dress up a wall, chalk art will give your kitchen a nice, bold look and a perfect backdrop. If you cannot dedicate a wall for it, then a door or even a cabinet surfaces works.
  • Rustic accents 

    Rustic elements work beautifully in any kitchen décor, especially modern and contemporary ones. From hanging copper pots from the ceiling rack to introducing antique wooden chairs and table will bring great character to the setting. A big rustic dining table which doubles up as a comfy meal prep station will go a long way in bringing some warmth and charm to your kitchen.

You can do a lot of things to make your kitchen décor look unique and appealing. Here, we have compiled a few easy tips which will help you revamp your kitchen décor without spending much time and resources. These are absolutely simple makeover tips which you can follow yourself and make your kitchen fun and functional without much hassle. Our kitchen decorating guide will make a big visual impact in your space and will take your space from tired to inspired.