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How to Fill Fake Plant Pots at Home to Make Them Look Real

How to Fill Fake Plant Pots at Home to make them look Real

Fake plants that you get in the market these days have a ridiculously real look and feel and you don’t have to put in any major effort to make them look real. However, styling your fake plant and pots will go a long way in creating a spectacular display that will enthral everyone. Artificial plants usually come in simple, non-decorative black containers and most people simply transfer it in a woven basket and call it a day. But here is a little tip – Leaves are not the biggest giveaway that your plants aren’t real, it’s the base of the plant that tells the story. 

If you want to give an illusion that your faux plant is actually real, then you’ll have to do some work on the pots. Filling your fake plant pots at home is easy and will make them look real. Here’s how to go about it. 

The most crucial way to go about this is by choosing the right decorative pot for your plant. From exquisite urns to tin planters, shapely wood planters to stone planters, ceramic planters to willow planters, there are thousands of exciting plant containers available that will safely house your plants and exude fun and sophistication. Pick one that perfectly combines with your plant/tree and your décor. Put your entire potted-tree or plant in it. 

If you have a large artificial tree or plant, then you’ll have to use something heavy in the potter which will keep it steady and prevent revealing its fake-ness. The bottom layer can consist of old steel plates, cracked weights etc. You’ll also need to put things such as unused paper, foam etc to maintain the balance. The next layer can be of soil. From your yard. Ensure that the soil is wet, but allow it to dry as well. This way anyone who takes a sneak peek into the container will think that your plant is real since it contains soil. 

Next is the top-most layer of the planter. You can use river stones or even some living moss to cover the top. You can also buy artificial Moss balls, Moss rocks etc will complement your plant beautifully and erase the difference between fake and real. If you have guests coming and you want to really step up the look, then you can even add a couple of real leaves to the base of the plant or tree to depict shedding. 

Keeping your display as clean as possible will go a long way in making your fake plants look realistic. It’s all about creating a lovely illusion.