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Want to feel instantly relaxed and serene after a long, tiring day? Bring home our tabletop or floor plants. Plants bring a spark of life and beauty to any room and you can feel their presence once you walk into a room with them in the background. The transformation effects plants bring with them in a room are extremely well-known and you can feel their vibrant energy. If you are looking to enhance your living room or workspace, then bring some plants and observe how they boost the happiness and joy factor. At Silk Plants Direct we are aware of the inspiration plants bring to space and as such we have crafted a wide range of tabletop, desktop and floor plants. Just bring them in your room and you will immediately notice a beautiful change.

Available in multiple sizes to fit the space and in multiple styles to complement your furnishing, our artificial plants are the most friendly way to personalize your space. Whether you are a big fan of the light and minimalistic grass or want to bring home a more lush and dense Whipple Yucca, our plants are budget friendly and will bring a huge change to the setting where you can't change much. Our range of tiny greens of different varieties are great to rev up space and keep things calm and comfortable.

Our faux plants in small, mini format are perfect for people who are not big fans of dense, expansive trees and are just looking for a small pop of color and intensity. Even with their minimal appearance, these plants are enough to break up clean, monotonous lines of the room and bring some fun in the setting. Manufactured from high-quality material, these plants have a highly realistic appearance. They are extremely durable and affordable and will spruce up your interiors till times to come without requiring much care.

A brilliant way to use some texture and color in any room, our plants have a rejuvenating vibe about themselves which will spread serenity in the space. There is no room or landscape which does not benefit from a bit of greenery. Plants have a quirky look and make their presence felt by giving an eclectic look to the setting.

If you are looking to bring a playful design gesture to your space, then our collection of plants are ideal for you. A great way to provide a dramatic flourish to any setting, our plants are charming beauties and are elegant visual aesthetic must-haves for any room.