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Artificial Floor Plants for Home and Office Décor in 2021

Artificial Floor Plants for Home and Office

No matter how mundane or minuscule your space is, every atmosphere can do with some artificial plants. They’re lifelike, maintenance-free and offer great value for money. Whether you’re trying to make a bold statement or just add some fresh color and refined appeal to the setting, artificial floor plants will help you do it with ease. From making your space more inviting to injecting energy into the setting, there are so many silk floor plant options available which will help you create the perfect tone and character. Listed below are some of the best replica floor plants for commercial décor that will make your space feel lighter and livelier in this stressful year. 

  • Bird of Paradise Plant – A tropical evergreen that is known for its beautiful, crane-like flowers, reminiscent of tropical birds, Bird of Paradise is a spectacular choice for office décor. A timeless accent that will catch everyone’s attention, this artificial Bird of Paradise plant will simply light up your space with its presence. It is bright, exotic and will never fail to create an impression.
  • Sago Palm Tree – Despite their name, Sago Palm Trees are not palm trees. They are cycads, a group of tropical and subtropical plants growing from a non-branching trunk. Known for their feathery foliage, Sago Palm Trees make for a highly captivating addition to office décor. This artificial Sago Palm Tree is known to give any décor a fresh and attractive twist and make for a tranquil addition.
  • Schefflera Plant – Also known as Umbrella plants as their drooping foliage resemble an umbrella, these plants are some of the most attractive tropical plants around. Featuring long, shiny, oval green leaves, Schefflera plants are simply magnificent and make for a highly captivating addition to any setting. Add them to your commercial space and notice how they bring a refined character and feel to your design scheme.
  • Dracaena Plant – If you’re looking for a bolder, whimsical plant to add to your daily space, then Dracaena plants should be on top of your wishlist. With origins in Madagascar and other Indian Ocean islands, these are highly ornamental plants featuring glossy, variegated leaves. With their dramatic spear-shaped leaves and beautiful colored patterns, our artificial Dracaena plants make for a great focal point in any setting.
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig – Native to tropical Africa, Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are some of the most popular and iconic replica plants around if social media trends are anything to go by. Featuring large, veined, violin-shaped leaves, our artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig plant is absolutely stunning and will emerge as the best part of your décor. If your space is giving off dull vibes, then these plants are all you need to spark the setting up.
  • Weeping Ficus – Also known as the Ficus tree, Weeping Ficus is a popular choice for designs that need a focal point. They grow as a large broadleaf evergreen tree with slender, gracefully arching branches and dense, glossy dark leaves. Our artificial Weeping Ficus is a highly elegant and attractive rendition that will add a striking personality to your office décor season after season.
  • Yucca Plant – Some of the most interesting plants around, Yucca add stunning visual goodness to any setting. With their sword-like leaves and incredibly detailed stem, these plants are masterpieces and can be used as focal point in a design scheme. Highly distinctive plants that will give any average interior space an attractive makeover, our artificial Yucca plants will give a chic upgrade in an instant.