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How to Choose a Plant for Your Bathroom

How to Choose a Plant for Your Bathroom

Rooms without plants are lifeless. In fact, every empty room is like a blank canvas ready for some plants to inject personality and freshness into it. Houseplants are a great way to lend a homey aesthetic to any space and can be the solution you are looking for. When it comes to bathrooms, plants bring a soothing touch of nature and a sense of well-being in a space that is meant for relaxation. Whether you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a personal oasis or a calming spa, below are a few pointers to keep in mind before choosing a plant for your bathroom. 

Temperature – Bathrooms have a moist environment that is generally good for plants, however, they also have wide temperature fluctuations that are not ideal for many plants. Bathrooms have warm, humid air during shower times whereas they get much colder when empty for hours. Choose plants that can survive under these conditions. Cast Iron plant, Bird’s Nest Fern, Bamboo and Fiddle Leaf Fig are some houseplants that love warm conditions and will flourish in your bathrooms. 

Humidity – Bathrooms have high humidity levels which are ideal conditions for most plants to live their best lives. The typical high humidity and warmth of bathrooms make it perfect for most tropical plants. Golden Pothos, Calathea Rattlesnake Lancifolia, Snake Plants, Alocasia, Air Plants, Monstera, Watermelon Peperomia are some of the houseplants that thrive in high humidity conditions and will enliven your design scheme. 

SunlightMany bathrooms receive low levels of sunlight. Some have no windows at all whereas some have small ones. But that does not mean you cannot have plants in your bathrooms. You absolutely can. Just introduce plants that can survive in low light conditions or introduce fluorescent bulbs that can provide plenty of light for plants to live off of. Golden Pothos, Calathea Rattlesnake Lancifolia, Snake Plants, English Ivy, Monstera, Bamboo, Ocean Spider Plant, Dracaena, Majesty Palm, and Orchids are some plants that do well in low to medium sunlight as long as it is indirect. 

Although these plants require low to medium sunlight, it is advisable that you subject them to brighter light every now and then. However, do not shock them by suddenly transporting them from a dark spot to a bright one right next to the window. 

Space – What plants you introduce in your bathroom also depends on the amount of space you have. Most bathrooms, especially in urban areas, won’t have floor space to place plants. In such scenarios, you can place them on the windowsill or display them on the shelves next to the sink. This particularly works well for smaller plants. If you’re still having space constraints, then opt for trailing plants such as Pothos that can be displayed in a corner of the bathroom.