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7 Potted Plants That Make Long-Lasting Holiday Gifts

7 Potted Plants That Make Long-Lasting Holiday Gifts

Choosing a gift that someone will cherish for a long time is a big challenge for everyone. Plants in unique containers can make a brilliant holiday gift that will stay with the recipient for a long time. If they are already a plant enthusiast, a unique and unusual plant that will test their green-thumb skills and bring something different to their collection. If the recipient is a novice, then consider gifting them a plant that does not require much care and maintenance. Plants, under the right conditions, can cheer up your space for months and years. If you’re looking to find the best gift for someone in your life, then below are a few excellent plant options.

Potted Christmas Cactus

Also known as Schlumbergera, the Christmas cactus is a Brazilian coastal plant consisting of flat, glossy green segments and beautiful showy flowers in red, white, yellow, pink or purple colors. An unusual yet beloved and highly attractive winter holiday plant, Christmas cactus is fairly easy to take care of.

Potted Dwarf Conifer

A Dwarf conifer potted in a stylish container makes a great addition for holiday décor. The best part is that you can decorate them like mini Christmas trees or even place them on a mantel. After the holiday season is over, the recipient can place the conifer in a sunny spot outdoors or repot it in a larger container where it can survive for years.


A classic holiday plant, Poinsettias are known for their stunning mix of red, green and white flowers and put on a mesmerizing show for every onlooker. Potted Poinsettias can be placed in a bright and sunny spot which should be well-drained, often watered and have a little bit of shade.

Jade Plant

A popular succulent houseplant with fleshy, oval-shaped leaves and thick woody stems resembling tiny tree trunks. Also known as lucky plant, money plant or money tree, Jade plant signifies luck, prosperity and friendship in many Asian cultures. These plants are also extremely easy to care for and require just occasional watering and a bright window.

Potted Amaryllis

There are very few flowering plants that exhibit greater charm and energy than Amaryllis. Featuring huge flowers shaped like trumpet lilies, the blooms are typically deep red, pink, white or a blend of these colors. Ceramic containers or terracotta pots look fantastic with Amaryllis who just require regular watering and bright, indirect light.

Bird’s Nest Fern

A lively holiday gift for anyone with a house or apartment with a lot of shade, this hardy fern variety thrives in cool and damp conditions. Bird’s Nest Fern form a series, spoon-shaped, bright green fronds that rise from a central rosette which grow about 2 feet long.


This low growing evergreen shrub is highly prized for its brilliant blooms which keep blooming even in cold temperatures. A cheerful and elegant plant with white, purple or mauve flowers, heather can be added to porches and windowsills.