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Freshen Up the Bath with Lush and Healthy Plants

bathroom indoor plants

Houseplants are not just brilliant aesthetic additions to your room, but they are incredibly good for your health. Apart from freshening up the air, they eliminate harmful toxins, reduce stress, and help boost our mood. Plants can go in any room in your home, but one room that may be lacking plants is your bathroom. Bathrooms are a perfect hotspot for plants inside your home because the more greenery, the better. Since bathrooms have fluctuating temperature, high humidity, and low sunlight (in the absence of windows), only a few plants can survive in these tricky conditions. Below are a few plants that are perfectly suited for a bathroom. 

1. Spider Plant

One of the most adaptable houseplants that is also easy to grow, spider plants make for an excellent addition to bathrooms with their solid green or variegated rosette of long, thin arched foliage. Named because of their spiderettes that dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web, these plants prefer bright light but can adapt to low light levels and can tolerate a lot of abuse. 

2. Aloe Vera

A commonly grown houseplant that is known for its beautifully architectural leaves and incredible healing properties, Aloe Vera is a fast-growing succulent that will make your bathroom thrive. It’s thick, succulent leaves consist of watery gel that acts as a traditional sunburn soother, relieving redness when applied to mild burns. Indirect light and watering every two weeks will go a long way in keeping this plant healthy. 

3. Asparagus Fern

A highly attractive houseplant (that is not really a fern but a relative of lilies), Asparagus Fern with its feathery, light foliage can bring plenty of style to any bathroom.  This plant is bushy, airy, and dense and has a lace-like foliage that forms an attractive mound. Asparagus Ferns love bathroom humidity and will do well in moderate or bright light. Although they appear soft and fuzzy, Asparagus Fern have thorns, so be careful. 

4. Heartleaf Philodendron

Also known as the Sweetheart plant, Heartleaf Philodendrons have shiny, little heart-shaped leaves that can not go unnoticed. Their glossy leaves emerge bronze, then quickly turn green and make for incredibly cheerful plants. Heartleaf Philodendrons prefer moderate light but can also tolerate in low light conditions. 

5. Orchids

Some of the most extravagant flowers around, Orchids are flowering world royalty. They are elegant and can absolutely light up the bathroom with their presence. Orchids thrive in warm, moist air making them ideal for bathrooms. The best place to display your Orchids in the bathroom is a south or east-facing window that will give them perfect light conditions to flourish. Available in a range of stunning colors and different sizes, these plants will mesmerize and make a great impression.