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5 Plant Pairings for High-Impact Color in the Fall Garden

5 Plant Pairings for High-Impact Color in the Fall Garden

Fall plants and flowers have their own beauty and charm. As the summer color fades, many people think that their stunning gardens are now coming to an end. That is not the case. There are plenty of options to go into your gardens this fall. Autumn ferns, Sunflowers, Cosmos, and Coneflowers are all dependable flowers that will make for a gorgeous display in your garden. Below are a few plant pairings that will bring stunning color to your fall garden.

White Coneflower and Heuchera

Cream colored Coneflowers combined with gorgeous perennial Heucheras make for a beautiful pairing with their diverse colors. Known for its gorgeous, saturated foliage, this versatile perennial will retain its color till the first hard freeze and will complement the big, white flowers with yellow-gold centers beautifully. They will brighten up your garden from early summer to fall.

Chrysanthemums and Rosemary

Also known as Mums, Chrysanthemums come in a variety of striking colors, shapes and sizes. One of the most popular fall garden flowers, Chrysanthemums will shine through when combined with Rosemary. Rosemary is a highly attractive shrub with needle-like leaves and brilliant blue flowers and can even be displayed in the winter. A win-win!.

Black-Eyed Susan and Joe Pye Weed

A fall favorite, Black-Eyed Susan is an incredibly charming plant that will bring loads of sunshine into your garden. Although they start blooming in midsummer, you can see them flourish in early fall and spread their magic throughout the entire space. Mix them with Joe Pye Weed that have beautiful mauve-pink blossoms and will attract butterflies. You cannot go wrong with this pairing.

Dusty Miller and Red Twig Dogwood

This is an unusual combo and you can see why. They’re both on the extreme ends of the gamut with the spectacular silvery foliage of Dusty Miller and gorgeous red foliage of Red Twig Dogwood. Dusty miller has a beautiful, lacey foliage and can survive winter in mild climates and complement the bright red branches of Red Twig Dogwood beautifully. This pairing will take your garden to the next level.

Autumn Crocus and Summersweet

Autumn Crocus’ consist of spectacular star-shaped blooms. They come in pink, purple, white and yellow flowers and since no foliage accompanies them, they’re also known as ‘naked ladies’. Pair them with a little native shrub called Summersweet that will bring bright yellow foliage in fall and will create a picturesque setting.