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Spring and summer seasons no longer take the cake when it comes to bringing colors and blooms in the home décor. There is an equal, if not more, excitement for fall season which brings its own colors and fun and can change the landscape with its myriad palette to choose from. If you think that fall is just about flaming orange, red and yellow, then you are mistaken. The traditional autumn colors have moved beyond these and there are equally stunning and delightful fall decorations available which will brighten your setting. At Silk Plants Direct we have gone beyond the traditional colors and have created flowers and bouquets which burst with myriad fall colors and make for an unexpected yet striking autumn decoration.

Gone are the days when you had to restrict yourself to stick to copper and gold-colored decorations for your home interior and exterior. There are purples, wine mauve, pinks and more to choose from a range of delicate shades to bold ones. Our Dahlia bouquet has become a go-to arrangement for a fall décor because of its traditional yellow-colored blooms and also for its variety with purple and mauve colors. The entire arrangement looks beautifully varied and their rich blooms make them even more interesting and fun. Our artificial fall flowers are crafted from high-quality material and as such they don’t require constant upkeep.

Our Starflowers with their exotic blooms offer a cool contrast to the warmer fall colors and are notable for their shape and variety. They can also be paired up with some surprise colors to create a fun cacophony of colors instead of a mono-colored palette. Hydrangeas are also perfect for display in fall décor. Their delightfully big blooms and warm colors can be paired with other colored blooms creating a whimsical and refreshing landscape. They feature a range of surprising fall color: green, blue and burgundy which offers a refreshing and fun change from the usual. They look stunning and add life to space which will leave your setting full of calm and vivid hues. Durable and striking, our flowers provide a wonderful, creative vignette.

If you are a fan of colored landscapes and are looking to go beyond the same old rust and copper, then our autumn flower collection is for you. There is nothing wrong with the traditional colors, but there are chances that similar shades will be sitting on your neighbor’s coffee table. Our collection lets you go for some exclusivity in your décor and allow you to make your home welcoming and charming with ‘fresh’ fall colors.

Whether you love to bask in the glory of autumn colors or want to create a fall-themed space or landscape in your home, here is all you need to craft a delightful setting – our collection of artificial Fall flowers and Autumn florals. Boasting of stunning fall hues and warmth, these silk fall flowers and autumn florals will help you create a cozy setting till times to come. Just bring in our faux autumn flowers and fall florals and watch them give a glowing look to your rooms.