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Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home: Silk Flowers, Wreaths, and Centerpieces

Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home: Silk Flowers, Wreaths, and Centerpieces

You know it’s time to welcome Fall when you see the leaves changing color or you see everyone sipping on their pumpkin spice lattes. You feel the crispness in the air and your social media timelines are full of apple picking pictures. The most colorful season of all, Fall gives you an opportunity to bring warm colors into your home décor and decorate it in a tasteful and refined manner. While it is easy to just use pumpkin-inspired decorations, adding Fall silk flowers, wreaths and centerpieces will take your space to the next level. Below are a few Fall décor ideas for your home.

Autumn Silk Flowers and Flower Centerpieces

Nothing will bring warmth to your space and that cozy touch to the design scheme better than an autumnal centerpiece. Leaves and flowers in gorgeous natural earth tones and fiery hues of red, orange, mustard yellow and gold will bring that overall Fall aesthetic to your setting. A great way to create an interesting display is to focus on texture to bring out Fall colors and add visual appeal to the centerpiece.

From Sunflowers to Dahlias, Chinese Lanterns to Asters, Chrysanthemums to Anemones, Proteas to Celosias, you can mix and match different flower varieties and create your own Autumn centerpiece. And if you’re not for one daily maintenance, then opt for artificial Autumn flower centerpieces that will bring lovely Fall colors and spirit to your space without any fuss. You could also use these silk flower centerpieces during the season, store them safely and bring them out again next year.

Fall Wreaths

Fall wreaths offer a perfect way to create the warmest welcome for your guests and make them feel right at home. A delightful faux Fall flower wreath on the front door will not just up the curb appeal outside and will make your space feel special. Whether you’re looking for a minimal wreath or a rustic one, there are plenty of options available that will spice up your doorway or the front porch.

Fall Garlands

If you’re looking for something beyond wreaths and flowers, then Fall flower garlands offer an easy way to create an elegant and minimal aesthetic. From walls to doors, mantels to table décor, you can use Fall garlands to bring plenty of character and charm to the setting.

Fall Leaves

There is nothing that says ‘Fall’ more than leaves. One unique way of displaying leaves is by framing them and creating a gallery wall to bring a cozy Fall look to the space. If you think that’s too much, then you could also introduce a single branch in a glass container or planter and display it for a minimalistic look.

Spending the time creating your decorations now will reap dividends later - silk plants will last for years to come!