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A Guide to Decorating with Small Topiary Trees

A Guide to Decorating with Small Topiary Trees

Derived from the Latin word “topiarius” meaning “gardener”, topiaries are fun and charming plants with huge potential for expression. Defined as plants that have been trimmed into ornamental shapes - from balls to spirals to pyramids and more - topiaries help shape up any design space with their presence. Whether you need an artful sculpture or you’re looking for ways to bring the classic English countryside charm to your space, small topiary trees offer the perfect solution. There is so much potential for topiaries indoors and out. Here are a few ways you can decorate your space with real or artificial topiary trees.

Front Entry

One of the best ways to decorate with small topiary trees is by adding them to your front entry. A great way to greet visitors in style, topiaries will bring a fresh perspective to your space from the outset. You can opt for simple expressions such as a double ball topiary or an elegant topiary cone, or go bold with the help of spiral topiary trees or a combination of custom shapes.

Sink or Countertop Display

Small topiary trees in elegant monochromatic planters make for trendy additions on countertops. An easy and refreshing way to inject greenery in these spaces, topiary trees will jazz up an otherwise boring display. Classic round topiaries work best in such spaces, and can use multiple varieties from boxwood to sweet bay, cedar to Italian cypress.

Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is where you start your day. Whether you have a modern or traditional setup, you can introduce boxwood topiary trees to add a touch of humble elegance and spark feelings of freshness and energy.


Small topiary trees flanking the fireplace is a display that will get you loads of compliments from your visitors. Opt for bold varieties such as a cone ball combination or a layered topiary. A triple square or pyramid topiary will appear like contemporary sculptures and make the setting feel more dramatic.

Windows or Side Table

The best thing about topiary trees is that they can exist in a compact space and instantly breathe life into what would otherwise be a mundane design scheme. So, if your space needs an injection of life or color, just bring in a mini topiary tree and watch it change the setting entirely. They can be placed in windows, on side tables, or even on the mantle to bring softness and visual appeal to the area.