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Cool and Practical Backyard Office Ideas to Explore

Cool and Practical Backyard Office Ideas to Explore

A majority of people are working from home now. The problem is that no one will take you as seriously working. There are always a lot of interruptions and distractions. Unless you are a strong, disciplined person, it is hard to concentrate. Only a backyard office can save you from such situations.

Here are 10 inspiring backyard office ideas that you may try.

1. Salvaged style backyard office

A backyard office has to be a nice and quiet place. Giving it a vintage look increases the appeal. This can be made by using salvaged doors and windows in the backyard shed. Highlight the windows by applying trims.

Also, paint the walls in bold and bright colors with the roof in contrasting color. This will pop up the place. Include a desk and a chair to make the office complete.

2. Glasshouse backyard office

This can be constructed by using pre-fabricated structure made of wood or aluminum. Use transparent fiberglass sheets for constructing the roof. Better use glass for the walls, windows, and the door. Include aluminum furniture to impart a sleek look.

Flooded by natural light, it will make a great home office. Your guests will also love to spend time there on the weekends.

3. Rustic backyard office

If there is a towering tree in the backyard, that is the right location for your rustic backyard office. Construct the shed with wood planks and panel on a concrete floor. Use stone, metal, or traditional tiles for the slanting roof.

Leave the structure as such or paint it in gray and pave the path with stone. This will add a rustic charm to your backyard office.

4. Studio type backyard office

Making the backyard office like the studio is a great idea. Pre-fabricated sheds of different sizes of 100 to 300 square feet are available. Get one that suits you. These come with weatherproof walls, fiberglass door and painted in bold colors.

Should you like, you may add drama by extending it to the second story. Include the office furniture and a comfortable sofa. This will be a nice place for work and leisure as well.

5. Hobbit house backyard office

If you have a large backyard space, you may build a hobbit hose there. This makes the backyard office quiet interesting. Dig a hole and make a load-bearing construction with steel and wood. Seal the sides with corrugated iron and also use them for roofing now.

Also, use a polythene sheet to prevent leakage. Now cover the roof with mud and grass and your unique backyard office is ready. Your kids will also love to be there when you do not work.

6. Farmhouse type backyard office

If you prefer a spacious office, this is the right thing for you. You can use a pre-fabricated structure or construct it onsite using wood and steel. Complete with slanting terracotta roof with weather vane it appears like a cottage.

You can paint it in gray or a bluish gray and adorn the windows with lace curtains. Also, highlight the borders in bold colors and build a gravel path. This will appear great in the backyard.

7. Metal backyard office

These pre-fabricated offices are the best in terms of durability and safety. You can get them in various sizes to suit every space needs. Usually made from aluminum, steel, and iron; these are fire and insect resistant.

They are also very hard to break, and that is why they are safer than any other backyard office options. Paint them in any color for an attractive look. This will give protection against rusting of the iron structure.

8. Brick and mortar backyard office

Creating a unique identity is the coolest thing about the backyard office. It should also be okay with your work and, at the same time, be enjoyable for the kids. Construct brick walls on a concrete base and cover it up with a terracotta roof.

No need to paint the walls. Leave them as such to deliver a rugged look. Build the entrance through a covered deck and provide a tiny bathroom. Add a working desk and comfortable seating arrangement to transform the place into a nice retreat.

9. Vinyl backyard office

When affordability is the main concern, the vinyl offices offer the ideal solution. Plenty of pre-fabricated vinyl or plastic sheds are available in different sizes. These are strong and durable. Unlike wood, they will never rot or suffer from water and insect damages.

They also come in varieties of color combinations. Install it in the backyard and include the desk chair and power connection. Your backyard office is ready.

10. Green backyard office

Plants make people happy and relaxed. Studies reveal that plants also improve concentration. Using the live plants is tough for those who are not green thumbs. They require regular caring to stay healthy.

Unlike the live plants, the artificial plants have no such maintenance demands. Made from artificial foliage, they never decay or die. As such, they need no replacement. Moreover, due to their stunning realistic look, they deliver same aesthetics as the live plants.

The artificial plants and trees are available in many varieties. You may use anything from flowers, plants, trees, topiaries, and palms. These can be customized to fit any space and décor requirement. Coming in fully grown size, they deliver instant decoration to the backyard office.

If you are looking to create a focal point, the artificial bonsai tree is perfect for that. The best part of these high-end artificial plants is that they do not help spread of fire. Being impregnated with special fire retardant chemicals, they are safe against unfortunate fire hazards.

The faux plants do not grow mold, cause allergy, and attract insects. Thus, they deliver a hygienic office environment.


Building a backyard office lets you think and concentrate while staying close to everything. The above ideas are great for this purpose. It also creates an excellent focal point and adds to the overall décor of the house. Implement the design you love and flourish with your work!