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The way you decorate your outdoor space depends on your taste an as such it shows everyone your personality. Some may opt for bright flowers whereas some may go for large statues to create a focal point. Some may opt for a tropical vibe via palm trees whereas some people will go with exotic plants to compose a contemporary-chic setting. If you are looking to create an outdoor space which portrays dramatic looks and elicits surprise, then we have something for you. Epitome of casual, eye-catching style, our range of artificial outdoor leaves and faux foliage will bring a dose of relaxation and calming bliss to any landscape.

Often the home exterior is a mix of contemporary and traditional these days, and if you are looking to incorporate such a mix to accommodate family time and entertainment in your space, then our collection of outdoor branches with leaves and faux foliage is for you. Featuring a wonderful mic of shapely leaves and refreshing foliage, our outdoor maple spray and poplar spray will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun has set and temperature has gone done. Pleasant and soothing, they will create an aesthetically pleasing setting in your space and bring an at-home vacation kind of feeling.

Big, zany greenery courtesy of boxwood and ficus spray paired with palm sprays and greenery will result in a lush, verdant look in your landscape. If you are looking to make your outdoor space more interesting and eye-catching, then our faux sprays, branches, and fronds will go a long way in doing so. Create a whimsical and other-worldly welcome suited for both casual and formal entryways, our Podocarpus pick and Sugar Maple Spray will be ideal. If you want to keep your entire area cozy and comfortable, then there is no other spray better than these.

Often busy homeowners require an outdoor space which does not feature constant upkeep. And this is exactly what our sprays and foliage offer. Crafted from premium quality material, they have a highly realistic appearance and will continue to rev up your outdoor space season after season. If your patio has a clean and contemporary look, it may sometimes be too boring or formal. To give it a tad wild and rustic look we have a variety of faux foliage which will create an enjoyable space.

You home outdoor space is usually where you wind up after a long, stressful day of week to recharge your batteries. If you are lucky enough, you will have managed to create a pristine and relaxing ambiance to do so. And we have leaves and foliage which will do exactly the same. Make you feel like you’re on a vacation.