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The importance of color green and the soothing effects it has on us cannot be over exaggerated. Apart from giving the warm, fuzzy feel, it adds to the tranquility of the environment and can be extremely heartening in any dull scenario. This pop of green, according to us, shouldn’t be in the form of paint or curtains but in the form of a beautiful, elegant plant. Yes, there is nothing more spectacular than a little foliage in your space which will add a refreshing touch to it. At Silk Plants Direct, we understand how appealingly green plants are and as such we have created an array of artificial plants which will light up your setting.

Extremely comforting and visually appealing, plants are incredible and are known to give better vibes to the space. And it’s not just the planters that we are talking about. Plants in the form of hanging baskets can be incredibly fun and stylish too. Won’t it be beautiful to hang an energetic and cheerful basket of plants and flowers from the roof of your entrance or patio? Or how about some rejuvenating green grass added to your windowsills, patio or the porch? Wouldn’t that create a warm welcome to your guests and create a lasting impression on them?

We know how amazing plants are and their ability to bring energy to any room. However, we are also aware of their energy draining ability when it comes to maintaining them. Hence, to ensure that you get the rich and graceful looks of the plants without any of the hassles which come with them, we created this online artificial plants collection. They make for a lovely decoration and will add a splash of joy and color to the space.

And our faux plants don't just look good as standalone. By applying a bit of creativity and combining our artificial plants with real grass or flowers you can create an extremely invigorating landscape. No matter how much space you have to work with, we offer numerous artificial plant varieties in different sizes so that you can play with multiple elements to create a unique landscape design. Crafted from premium quality material, our faux plants do not require constant upkeep and will continue to delight you till times to come.

Real plants can be a bit overwhelming at times and cannot be worked around to suit our requirements whereas our silk plants can be worked around to fit your room and needs. They can relate to other elements of your space and fit in perfectly. Our plants don’t just bring beauty with them but they will also develop a connection with your environment and you.