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One of the most popular features of British gardens, hanging baskets have always brought vibrancy and exuberance to the ambiance and transformed landscapes completely. Boasting of adorable looks and charming persona, hanging baskets overflowing with rich flowers and foliage puts a wow factor in the atmosphere which is hard to ignore. Easy to maintain, and extremely gratifying to the eyes, our team of designers at Silk Plants Direct have created a collection of artificial hanging baskets which will delight the hearts of every visitor.

Plants and bushes have always been the star addition to any landscape owing to their rich foliage and charming presence. And when they are packed in a cute little basket, they bring a captivating presence which is extremely inspirational. If your space lacks color and you don’t have enough space to hold plants or flowers on ground, then our hanging baskets come to the rescue. They have a delightful ability to transform any small landscape and make it look elegant and full of energy. Our artificial fern hanging basket is one of our most popular and trendy hanging baskets and brings the traditional British hanging basket to life. If you are looking for a hanging basket with an eclectic feel which will suit your existing contemporary landscape, then our fern hanging basket is highly recommended.

With a wonderful mix of positive vibe and freshness, our artificial hanging plant baskets will completely dominate your space and its lush foliage will sway delightfully in the wind. If you have a small space, then you need a hanging basket which will blend in perfectly with the overall design of your garden, deck or patio. For this, we have created our collection of outdoor hanging plant baskets which is strong in texture and structure and will complement well with other aspects of the landscape. Our faux hanging plants are made from premium quality material and as such they look extremely lifelike. Free from any sort of maintenance, if you are looking to add a burst of color in your landscape then these baskets are highly recommended.

Our outdoor hanging plant baskets are a vital component if you are looking to rev up your windowsills, porch or patio. The best part of our hanging baskets is that they won’t shed any leaves of flowers on the ground and as such they won’t create a mess nor would they take up your time.

They will brighten your setting and will fill it with colors and joy. These are like yet another forms of artwork which you can display proudly in your space and mesmerize every onlooker with its colors and aura.

You don’t need a complete overhaul of your space or spend crazy amounts to make it look attractive. Something as simple as our outdoor artificial hanging plant baskets will do it without breaking the bank. Highly refreshing and chic, these outdoor silk hanging plant baskets in your patio or outdoor seating area will give you a delightful hangout and functional space. These outdoor faux hanging plant baskets will not just spur creativity in the setting, but they will also craft a beautiful environment ideal for conversations.